Venetian Blinds 

Step 1: Choose your blind type...

Offering excellent control of privacy, light, view and air flow, Venetian blinds are great value for money. They are easy to maintain with the brush feature of your vacuum and are great for the bedroom, lounge or kitchen. We have three types of Venetian blinds for you to choose from; Timber, Timber Look and Aluminium.
  • Aluminium
    • Robust and durable
    • Home or office
    • Slimline profile

    Step 2. Choose your blind colour...Our Aluminium Venetian range includes subtle whites, neutral shades and pastels through to a range of vibrant bright colours including red and yellow. Five unique and very stylish Metallic finishes that are sure to impress. Also two Perforated slats in white and silver that provide a softer light into the room.

  • PVC
    • Luxury meets budget
    • Water resistant slats
    • Patent privacy slats

    Step 2. Choose your blind colour...Available in a range of contemporary solid colours and timber stain finishes to either blend in with your décor or create a contrasting feature. Making your choice is easy as we've narrowed down your selection to our 7 most popular solid colours and 2 most popular wood grain finishes. Due to an industry leading durable vinyl coating these colours won't fade, scratch or scuff. The Essentials range offers a decorative PVC headrail while the Premium range comes with a colour co-ordinated valance. 


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  • Timber
    • Light Phoenixwood
    • Natural insulator
    • Patent privacy slats

    Step 2. Choose a Ladder design...Veneta's very popular timber venetians come with privacy slats and fine ladder cords which offer a clear view, contemporary styling and guaranteed privacy. Alternatively you may wish to add a touch of class by choosing a designer timber venetian with colour co-ordinated decorative ladders. Veneta's real timber venetians are hand crafted using lightweight Phoenixwood that is sourced only from sustainable forests.

    In this video Matthew English founder of Veneta Blinds shares a brief summary of Veneta's Timber Venetian Blinds.



Venetian Blinds Online

Veneta only sells Venetian Blinds online via our webshop. We deliver your Venetian Blinds directly from the factory, to save costs on expensive showrooms and middlemen. We believe that a great online shopping experience and an even greater customer support team, makes our custom made blinds stand out amongst the rest. Our online approach can save you up to 70% on custom Venetian Blinds!

White Venetian Blinds: popular choice

Are you looking for white Venetian Blinds to match with your window frames? Veneta Blinds have you covered with a wide range of white accent colours to choose from. White can give a more natural and clean look to your room. That’s why white is one of the most popular colours in our Venetian range.

Besides white Venetians, we offer Venetian Blinds in many other colours. From natural oak to grey and from black to splashy bright colours. Veneta Blinds wants you to feel comfortable with our products. That’s why you can choose from many different product options and colours to make the blinds really yours.

Custom Venetian Blinds

The Venetian Blinds you order at Veneta are 100% custom made. We are the number 1 supplier to suit all your window covering needs. Our Venetian Blinds are made of ecofriendly materials to deliver the best possible quality. Buying beautiful custom made Venetian Blinds from Veneta is a quality investment in your home decor.

Custom Venetian Blinds can provide a new style for your home. With our custom made blinds, you have a lot of options available to customise the blinds to your own liking. This means you have full control over achieving the perfect look and feel in your situation.

Aluminium, Timber Look & Timber Blinds

We offer three types of Venetian Blinds in our collection; aluminium, timber look and timber blinds. Our Aluminium Blinds collection consists of modern and bright colours to boost your interior. They are a budget friendly option and are very well suited for homes and offices.

Our Timber Look Venetians are made of PVC. These blinds have the look of Timber Blinds but at a more budget conscious price. They are waterproof, which makes them an excellent choice for bathrooms and kitchens.

Finally, the Timber Blinds are the best seller in our Venetian collection. The blinds are made of real ecofriendly wood that gives a unique experience in any room. Buy your Timber Venetian Blinds online at Veneta today to save valuable money!