Zebra Blinds 

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Zebra blinds have brought a whole new dynamic to the custom made window blind market by providing a Roller blind that operates similar to a day and night blind. This means you have the best of both worlds, whether you want the blockout privacy or simply adjust the blind to provide the right amount of light and privacy you require. All models are available in light filtering and blockout fabrics.

  • Chain
    • Instant privacy control
    • Modern look
    • Optional stainless chain

    Step 2: Choose your transparency and fabric...

  • Motorised
    • Easy to operate
    • Stylish fabric designs
    • Remote controls multiple blinds

    Step 2: Choose your transparency and fabric...

Zebra Blinds Online

You can easily buy new Zebra Blinds online at Veneta Blinds, saving you valuable time and money. We deliver direct from our factory to your door within 14 days, no matter where you live in Australia. When you buy Zebra Blinds online, you can order them with either chain or motorised operation and there is an array of fabric colours to select from. Not sure which colour to choose? At Veneta Blinds, we offer free colour samples. You can shop stress-free knowing you can select the perfect colour to match with your interior décor.

Veneta Blinds offers 100% satisfaction guarantee on every order. We want you to have perfect fitting Zebra Blinds and a happy online shopping experience. This is why Veneta Blinds can offer you your money back, if you aren’t completely satisfied with your order. Buying Zebra Blinds online just got easier.

Custom Zebra Blinds

All Veneta Blinds custom made Zebra Blinds are made to your exact measurements and customisations. This will ensure that the custom Zebra Blinds you order will arrive to fit your window size exactly. When you order custom Zebra Blinds online, you can feel comfortable about DIY measuring with Veneta Blinds Zero Risk Guarantee. This means, you will receive a free replacement blind, if you get the measurements wrong.

Veneta Blinds custom Zebra Blinds are Australian Made from premium quality materials ensuring they will withstand the sometimes harsh Australian climate.

Zebra Blinds vs. Vision Blinds

Zebra Blinds are also known as Vision Blinds. The names are used interchangeably however, on the Veneta Blinds website, Vision Blinds are referred to as Zebra Blinds.

Zebra Blinds or Vision Blinds have similar functionality to Roller Blinds however, offer the best of both worlds when it comes to light and privacy control. Zebra Blinds or Vision Blinds have a unique design with two fabric layers alternating to create a similar effect to zebra stripes. The fabric layers can create a dim out effect with the lighting filter fabric, a sheer view or a combination of the two. The light filtering fabric is semi-transparent, allowing light to filter into the room without completely blocking it out. The sheer fabric allows for plenty of natural sunlight to enter the room whilst creating an ambient feel. Our Vision Blinds are great for living rooms, studies, and bedrooms.