Honeycomb Blinds 

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Keep your cool with Veneta Honeycomb Blinds. This super insulating pleated blind design will dramatically reduce your air conditioners workload and your power bill. There's a model of Honeycomb blind to suit nearly every window application you can think of. Choose the convenience of a remote controlled motorised honeycomb blind, or maybe the privacy benefits of the top down model will suit your application. Extremely popular is the Vertical Honecomb blind which is perfect for covering glass sliding doors. There's even a model so narrow, that it's ideal for boats and caravans. All models are available in single and double cell, and light filtering and blockout fabrics.



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Honeycomb Blinds Online

You can easily buy beautiful custom made Honeycomb Blinds online at Veneta Blinds. We deliver your blinds direct from our factory, so you can save up to 70%. Your Honeycomb Shades will be custom made based on the width and height you order.

Afraid of wrong measurements? Don’t worry, Veneta Blinds have you covered with our Measure Insurance. In most cases, we will send you a completely new Honeycomb Blind free of charge when you make a measurement mistake. So, buy our honeycomb blinds online and save valuable time and money.

Custom Honeycomb Blinds

Custom made Honeycomb Blinds are always a great solution for your situation. Available in many different product options and colours, there is bound to be a solution for everyone. This gives you the freedom to match our Honeycomb Blinds perfectly with your own style.

Honeycomb Blinds Energy Efficiency

The energy efficiency of Honeycomb Blinds is very well suited for the Australian climate. The Honeycomb Blinds pleated design is not only decorative but also very practical. Honeycomb Blinds have excellent sound absorption properties to reduce noise, which is perfect for those with hard flooring or living on a busy street.

Our Honeycomb Blind pleated style can help save you a lot of money on your power bill. In the summer, our Honeycomb Blinds keep the warmth out and in the winter, they keep the warmth in. This will help with keeping your energy usage down, which is better for your wallet and the environment.

Honeycomb Blinds Collections

Veneta has a wide range of cellular blinds collections available. All these Honeycomb Shades are made with the best fabrics and are of the highest quality. They also offer great insulation and are easy and comfortable. Veneta Blinds has six different collections for Honeycomb Blinds:

Standard (Bottom Up): This blind is easily adjustable with classic control from the bottom to the top.

Vertical Blinds: These blinds are operated vertically, which makes them a great solution for sliding doors.

Top Down Bottom Up: The Top Down Bottom Up Blinds offer a way where you can control the perfect lighting. In addition to the Bottom Up, you can also move the blind from the top to the bottom.

Motorised: Motorised Blinds offer easy control over blinds that are in hard to reach places with a remote.

Day Night: The Day Night Blinds are a great solution when you want full privacy at night but still allow the sunlight during the day.

Smartfit: The Smartfit Blinds offer extra privacy control by having the option for open view just at the top or the bottom. These blinds are perfect for modern apartments, caravans and boats with their small minimum mounting depth.