Timber Blinds 

  • Light Phoenixwood
  • Natural insulator
  • Patent privacy slats

Step 2. Choose your blind colour...Veneta's popular timber venetians come with privacy slats and fine ladder cords which offer a clear view, contemporary styling and guaranteed privacy. Veneta's real timber venetians are hand crafted using lightweight Phoenixwood that is sourced only from sustainable forests. The Essentials range offers a decorative PVC headrail while the Premium range comes with a colour co-ordinated valance for a smooth neat finish to your window covering.

Essentials SmartPrivacy From $128
Premium SmartPrivacy From $150 (incl valance)

Timber Venetian Blinds

The Timber Venetian Blinds are the bestseller in the Venetian collection. These beautiful blinds are perfectly suited for the climate in Australia. We delivery all our wooden blinds directly from the factory to save you valuable money. Veneta Blinds offers two collections for the timber venetian blinds:

Smart Privacy: The Smart Privacy collection is the entry level for real wooden blinds with a ladder cord. These Timber Blinds have a unique privacy design, so you have full control over privacy and lighting.

Designer Tape: The Designer Tape collection offers the best Timber Venetian Blinds with colour co-ordinated ladder tape. This makes these Timber Blinds stand out with a unique look and feel.

Custom Timber Blinds

All the Wooden Blinds at Veneta are 100% custom made. Do you want to match the colour of your window frames? Or do you want full control over tilt and lift positioning? At Veneta, you can fully customize your Timber Blinds to fit your needs. We believe this will ensure you with the best possible blind experience for your situation.

Our custom Wooden Blinds rage consists of many different colours to choose from. To help you choose the right one, Veneta offers free colour samples. Simply select “Order Free Sample” for the colours you like from the colour list. We send these samples out as quick as possible free of charge so you can determine the right colour(s).

Timber Blinds Online

Did you know that buy online at Veneta can save you up to 70% on custom Timber Blinds? Veneta Blinds is the world’s number 1 supplier of window blinds. By reducing costs like showrooms, middlemen and salesmen, we can offer you beautiful blinds for a much lower price. With our online approach, you can enjoy fully custom Timber Blinds that are made of the best possible quality.

Quality Wooden Blinds

The Timber Blinds you buy at Veneta are made of real ecofriendly wood. The wood is derived from the Phoenixwood tree, also known as Paulownia or Kiri tree. Veneta ensures that the Timber Venetian Blinds are made of ecofriendly materials to deliver the best possible quality. We believe that wood blinds offer a unique experience that can complement your interior very well.