Cordless Roller Blinds 

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  • 100% Child Safe

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Cordless Roller Blinds

The simple yet classic cordless roller blind that provides the quintessential window covering for Australian homes. A practical and affordable window covering solution, the cordless roller blind suits all decors and budgets, offers window shading but when raised minimises window obstruction maximising daylighting and view. Choose from a wide range of fabrics that offer varying degrees of opacity from sunscreen to blockout covering all your privacy and view needs. Cordless roller blinds are the perfect option to keep young family members safe. Our Australian made cordless roller blinds are ideally suited to withstand our harsh summer months, reducing glare, and cutting cooling costs by reducing room heat gain.

Child Safety

Veneta cares about your family's safety!

Loose blind cords and chains within reach of children can be fatal. By their very nature cords or chains used to operate blinds (and curtains) are very strong and if they become wrapped around a child's neck ''they will not break'' and can result in strangulation.

Veneta understands the importance of selling child safe blind products but it is important for all our customers to recognise the potential danger presented by loose blind cords and how to install...



Corporate Responsibility

Veneta Blinds supports important causes in our local communities. Not just in a financial way but as an active and interested party in current community events and as a representative for sustainability and fair trade practices. Veneta Blinds offers support in various ways to many charities. Click the 'Read More' button to see the list of charities and the way in which we support them.

The sustainability of our forests and ecology is very important to Veneta Blinds as we sell a large amount of timber products. Our timber is sourced from certified, sustainable and professionally managed forests and we want to encourage and support these ventures.



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