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Light Filter from $75
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Delivered in 5 Days - Cordless Honeycomb Blinds 

5 Day Honeycomb Blinds are a budget window covering option for those who want to improve insulation and help you to save on your energy bills. 5 Day Honeycomb Blinds use cordless operation, guiding the bottom rail to stop in any desired position. Avaliable in Single Cell 38mm in both Light Filter and Blockout fabric, the unique cellular structure traps air within the cells, helping to keep your home cool in summer, warm in winter and reduce street noise as well as dampen sounds in rooms with hard flooring. Honeycomb Blinds offer flexible light control for any room and retreat into a petite stack when fully raised. Given their Polydeco rails, the lightweight and robust design 5 Day Honeycomb Blinds are easy to install and a breeze to open and close.