5 Reasons why you should own Timber Venetian Blinds

Published : 2015-09-23 12:49:27
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There’s a premium choice of blinds with a timeless charm… 

They’re one of the most popular choices of blinds we sell here at Veneta Blinds. All the timber is sourced from sustainable plantations, is kiln dried to suit the Australian climate and comes with a 5 year warranty for piece of mind.  Timber Venetian Blinds are currently on sale for September, to help you get started with your spring clean or spring makeover as we like to say.

In this blog post, we will explain why they tick so many boxes for homeowners. 

1.       Suits All Décor 

When choosing blinds it is important to consider how well the design and material will feature in your home and balance with your existing furnishings. The beauty of Timber is it never goes out of fashion. Like hardwood timber flooring, timber venetian blinds capture a timeless charm. Even better, they are available in a range of different colours so you can easily align your blinds with your own personal tastes and design preferences or perhaps to match your existing colour scheme.

With French Oak, Old Teak and more, our range has a shade of timber to suit your home and tastes. Timber blinds have natural appeal and unique characteristics; no two patterns on the timber slats are the same! Veneta Blinds timber blinds are handcrafted using lightweight Phoenixwood which reveals the timber’s authentic character and texture. 

2.       Perfect fit with Custom Made

There are so many different window shapes and sizes… while ready-made blinds might be cheaper, if the blind doesn’t fit your window properly it can look very tacky and will not work effectively for light and privacy control.  This is why Veneta Blinds provides custom made timber venetian blinds to suit all different window sizes. Not quite sure how to measure? We have made it nice and easy for you - check out the ‘How to Measure’ page on our website here.

3.       Ensure your Privacy Day and Night

The lift and tilt operation of venetian blinds means provides ultimate control of privacy and light. This means you can angle the slats to have privacy and light while still enjoying an outlook. In addition, they also allow breeze and air flow, compared to roller blinds which block out both. The slats hide shadows and outlines of people and objects in the room at night making then one of the best options for privacy when choosing a window covering.

4.       Durable & Quiet 

In comparison to aluminium and roller blinds, timber venetian blinds have a lot more weight and durability. This will help put a stop to those annoying banging sounds that other blinds make when the wind blows. In addition, Veneta Blinds durable long lasting solid paint or stain timber finish on all Timber Venetian Blinds provides resistance against fading in the harsh Australian sun.

5.       Easy to Clean

Last but not least, timber venetian blinds are extremely easy to clean. While some blinds are quite difficult to clean without taking them off the window itself, timber venetian blinds only require a simple dust with a hand held duster or vacuum, or a wipe down with a damp cloth or old sock.

Still having trouble deciding which blinds to choose for your home? 

Veneta Blinds is here to help - Call our friendly and ever-so-helpful team on 1300 VENETA (1300 836 382) or order some free samples on our website so you can see, touch and feel our product range for yourself - click here.



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