Bedroom Blinds 101

Published : 2018-09-14 08:56:48
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Your bedroom is a space in the home in which you can truly reflect your personal style. Not only is the bedroom a place to rest your head every night, but also a space where you go to relax. Bedroom blinds are just one way to ensure you can not only achieve a secure and private space, but also ensure light can be controlled easily, as well as, air whilst still reflect your personal style. Take a look at the most common bedroom blinds and find a solution for your bedroom.

Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds are the most common type of bedroom blind found in Australian homes. Due to their easy to use design and ability to work with any décor style, the Roller Blind is a budget friendly bedroom blind solution. The Roller Blind is available is chain control, cordless or motorised, with an option to suit every home and room. The Roller Blind also come in a variety of different fabric transparencies; sunscreen, light filter or a blockout blind, in a variety of different colours. If you want the best of both worlds when it comes to light and privacy control, a combination of two fabric transparencies is commonly used. The Day and Night Roller Blinds are commonly made up of a sunscreen and a blockout fabric to allow you to manoeuvre each blind separately throughout the day.

Honeycomb Blinds

If controlling the temperature in your bedroom is important to you, then Honeycomb Blinds are the best bedroom blind solution. The Honeycomb Blind has a unique cellular structure that traps air within its cells to create an air lock, a similar principal to double glazing. The Honeycomb Blind allows you to rely less on your air-conditioning during summer and less on your heating in winter, ultimately helping you to save on your energy bills and enjoy a better night's sleep. The Honeycomb Blind is also very versatile, as it comes in a variety of different models to suit most window types.

Roman Blinds

The Roman Blind is a popular bedroom blind as it not only offers excellent light and privacy control but also adds style and elegance to your personal space. The Roman Blind has the look of curtains, with the functionality of blinds and this is one of the many reasons why Roman Blinds are perfect for the bedroom. Not only do they look good, they can help to better insulate your bedroom. Be sure to add a lining to the back of your Roman Blind to create two layers of insulation. Roman Blinds are also a great bedroom blind option for those who don’t want to compromise their view. The Roman Blind folds away neatly at the top of the window frame to ensure you have a clear view during the but also offer you privacy at night or when you need it.

Venetian Blinds

Venetian Blinds are one of the most versatile blinds around, as there is a solution for every room in the home. Choose between Timber, PVC or Aluminium to suit the different rooms in your home. Venetian Blinds are designed with ‘Smart Privacy’ slats to prevent light leakage and provide privacy when required. The biggest benefit of Venetian Blinds is the ability to control light and privacy all throughout the day. By simply tilting the slats to your desired position, the Venetian Blind allows you to control your level of privacy, light and air to meet your needs. The popular horizontal slat design works with a range of different décor styles and the three styles offer a bedroom blind to suit all budgets.

Zebra Blinds

The Zebra Blind is similar in functionality to the Roller Blind however has two layers of fabric that alternate to create either a sheer view, a light filtering view or dim out view. These two layers alternate to create a zebra stripe effect which is where the blind gets its name from. The Zebra Blind is well suited to modern interior décor styles and is a great way to control light and privacy in a bedroom using either chain control or motorisation.

The design elements that you decide to put in your bedroom, should encompass not only your personal style but also ensure they make for a comfortable and relaxed space that you can truly call your own. Choosing the right bedroom blinds is the first step to ensure your bedroom meets all your needs and wants.

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