Finding the right bathroom blinds for your home

Published : 2019-03-08 09:57:04
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When it comes to finding the right blinds for your bathroom, it is important to consider privacy control, light control, durability and finally, the look. Bathroom blinds need to be able to withstand hot temperatures, moisture and humidity, to ensure they will last in the bathroom environment.

Before considering the different types of bathroom blinds, you need to determine your needs and wants for your bathroom blinds. Consider these few questions below:

1. What level of privacy do you require from your bathroom blind? For example, you may have frosted bathroom windows or your bathroom is located on the second floor of your home.

2. Is your window located near water? For example, is the window over the bath tub or located near the bathroom sink.

3. Do you need to be able to control the level of light entering the bathroom?

4. Is the bathroom well ventilated? This will help to determine if a fabric blind will work in your bathroom.

Choosing which blind is best for your bathroom doesn’t have to be a tricky task. Below are the best bathroom blinds which will allow you to control your privacy whilst remaining durable and ensuring longevity.

Timber Look Venetian Blind

Timber Look Venetian Blinds, also referred to as PVC Venetian Blinds, are an excellent choice for bathrooms due to their durability to withstand not only water but also hot temperatures, humidity and the Australian climate. The Timber Look Venetian Blind offers the look of the Timber Venetian Blind, just in a more durable solution, at a budget friendly price.

When it comes to protecting your privacy, Timber Look Venetian Blinds are a superior solution with ‘Smart Privacy’ slats. The slats offer a snug closure with no slots on the slats, ensuring your privacy and reduced light leakage. The Timber Look Venetian slats are resistant to dents, scratches, twisting, warping and fading.

Aluminium Venetian Blind

The Aluminium Venetian Blind is a low cost, bathroom blind solution that allows you to control light and privacy with either wand or cord control. The slats on the Aluminium Venetian Blind are a slimline design, which is well suited to modern interior décor styles. With a wide range of colours to choose from and modern finishes such as perforated or metallic slats, all with colour co-ordinated components.

Aluminium Venetian Blinds are extremely durable with slats that are resistant to scratching, scuffing, peeling, fading and corrosion. This makes them a great solution for bathrooms with the humid environment, hot temperatures and water.

Roller Blind

Roller Blinds, also know as Holland Blinds, are a budget friendly, easy to use and unobtrusive bathroom blind solution. Roller Blinds are one of the most common blinds found in Australian homes and commonly found in a variety of different rooms in the home. The Roller Blind is another durable bathroom blind solution. With the ability to withstand the harsh Australian climate, the Roller Blind offers flexible light and privacy control, as well as it’s ability to withstand a little bit of water. Unlike the Timber Look Venetian Blind or the Aluminium Venetian Blind, the Roller Blind should not get completely wet as it is made of fabric. To help the longevity of the Roller Blind, a simple dusting and wipe over with a damp cloth will help to keep the components clean and able to withstand bathroom conditions. Available in sunscreen, light filter and blockout fabric, Roller Blinds roll up on a tube at the top of the window frame, allowing you to maintain your view whilst controlling your privacy and light in the bathroom.

Honeycomb Blind

Honeycomb Blinds, also called Cellular Blinds, are a good choice for bathrooms as they offer flexible control over light and privacy. The Honeycomb Blind does require a well-ventilated space as the blind is made of fabric and should avoid getting completely wet. The Honeycomb Blind gets it's name from the cellular design and offers excellent insulating properties which can be required in a bathroom environment, especially those where the hot summer sun beams through the windows and will help to regulate temperatures. A benefit to the Honeycomb Blind is the variety of models available. This means there is a solution to suit a wide range of window and door solutions. For those who are looking for a budget friendly solution, Favo Cordless Honeycomb Blinds are ready-made to standard sizes or can be DIY Custom-Fit to your window size. By purchasing ready-made Favo Cordless Honeycomb Blinds, you can save money whilst still having all the great benefits of the custom-made Honeycomb Blind.

Bathroom Blind Cost?

When it comes time to update your bathroom blind window coverings, budget is one of the most important factors to consider. Whilst the cost of each bathroom blind will differ due to a number of factors, finding a bathroom blind to suit your budget is possible. The factors that can determine the cost of your bathroom blind can include, the type of blind you choose, the size and the customisations you require.

If you are on a strict budget, opt for a Favo Cordless Honeycomb Blind, as they are ready-made to standard sizes. For those who are looking for a low-cost custom-made solution, choose between an Aluminium Venetian Blind or a Roller Blind. If budget isn’t too much of a concern, consider a custom-made Timber Look Venetian Blind or a Honeycomb Blind.

Finding the right bathroom blinds for your home will allow you to protect your privacy and control the level of light entering the space.

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