Finding the right bedroom blinds for your home

Published : 2019-01-25 09:14:24
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When it comes to choosing the right bedroom blinds for your home, there can be a number of different options to choose from and finding the most suitable option can sometimes be a little tricky. Below is a guide of the best bedroom blinds to choose from to help you narrow down which might be the best option of your bedroom. Before you take a look at the different bedroom blinds available, consider your needs and wants from your bedroom blinds.

- What level of privacy do you require?

- Do you need blockout blinds or blinds to filter sunlight and streetlights?

- Is improving insulation in your bedroom important?

- How important is the ability to control airflow to you?

- What is the overall look and feel you are trying to achieve in the space? (e.g. do you want your blinds to contrast or compliment the rest of the bedroom?)

Honeycomb Blinds

Honeycomb Blinds are a superior bedroom blind option, with a wide variety of models available, there is a solution to suit any bedroom window or door. For the bedroom, whilst blocking out sunlight is important, ensuring privacy and regulating temperatures is also a necessity. The Honeycomb Blind unique cellular structure helps to regulate room temperatures by trapping air within its cells. Choose a blockout fabric to improve the level of insulation and help to protect your privacy and completely block out sunlight.

Roller Blinds

The Roller Blind is a popular bedroom blind choice found in many Australian households. With their easy to use and unobtrusive design, the Roller Blind is a budget friendly option and a blind that can used not only in the bedroom but also any room throughout the home. Available in a variety of fabric transparencies, the Blockout Roller Blind is a popular choice for those who want to completely blockout sunlight and streetlights. Another popular solution is the Day Night Roller Blind. This is two Roller Blinds in one, with one sunscreen blind and one blockout blind, offering the best of both light and privacy control.

Roman Blinds

Whilst Roman Blinds offer the look of curtains with the functionality of blinds, they are also an aesthetically pleasing way to transform your bedroom. Available in light filter and blockout fabric (with a lining), Roman Blinds also help to insulate your bedroom, are simple to use with either chain or cordless operation and are a great way to control your light and privacy needs.

Venetian Blinds

Venetian Blinds are a flexible bedroom blind solution. Available in timber, timber look and aluminium, the Venetian Blind allows you to control the lighting in your bedroom, as well as, airflow and privacy. This flexible solution has an option to suit any budget and is a window covering that can be used throughout any room of the home.


Another option for the bedroom is to consider, curtains. Curtains are a great addition to your bedroom windows or doors and ensure you can maintain your privacy and blockout sunlight when required. Opt for a blockout curtain fabric and add a lining which will create two layers, helping to not only better insulate your bedroom but also protect your curtain fabric.

Motorised Blinds

Motorised Blinds are a great way to add a touch of luxury to your bedroom. Available in Roller Blinds and Honeycomb Blinds, Motorised Blinds offer you great flexibility when it comes to controlling your blinds. Motorised Blinds allow you to control your window coverings from the comfort of your bed, or even via an app on your phone.

Finding the right blinds for your bedroom, allows you to ensure you have the privacy you require, control over light and airflow, as well as, add an aesthetically pleasing window treatment to your bedroom. Your needs and wants will help to determine the best type of blind for your bedroom but also the types of window or door you are trying to cover. Read our comprehensive guide to choosing the perfect blind to suit your window.

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