How to choose blinds that match your décor

Published : 2016-08-11 17:54:15
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When it comes to selecting the perfect blinds for your décor there are so many options to choose from these days it can be a minefield. The first thing you have to think about is the blind’s purpose in the room.

  • Is it to filter light or block it out completely?
  • Do you need privacy or do you want to be able to see the view?
  • Is insulation important? Especially critical for those west facing windows.
  • Do you need to leave the windows open for ventilation?
  • Do you need the blind to offer different privacy and light control options at different times of the day?

Once you have decided on the blinds purpose you can select the style that will most suit the room’s interior design and function. When the style has been decided on then you can select the material and the colour that best complements your décor.

1. The Blinds Purpose

The blinds function generally depends on which room it’s installed in. If it’s the bathroom you will want complete privacy. This is also important in the bedroom, along with the amount of light you want in the room if you are an early riser and prefer natural light to wake up or if you are a late riser and prefer a blackout blind to keep the light out. Whereas in a kitchen or lounge room a more lightweight fabric is suitable that filters the light rather than completely blocking it out.


2. Style of Blind

The style of blind you choose is also very important it must suit the purpose of the blind but also give your décor a stylish finish. Timber venetian blinds are great in any room although for bathrooms we would recommend timber look blinds which are ideally suited to a damp environment. The roller blinds are great for bedrooms offering privacy and complete light control with a blackout blind. The honeycomb blinds would work well in an office or dining room and are great for energy efficiency as their honeycomb design keeps the rooms warm in winter and cool in summer reducing those unwanted electricity bills. Roman blind ads sophistication and elegance to any room and they come in many different colours to complement any style or decor.


3. Blind Material

The material of the blind really depends on the style and the room it is being installed in. In a bathroom an aluminium or timber look is generally better than a fabric or wood because the blind is exposed to dampness in the room. This can also apply to busy family kitchens. Whereas in a bedroom, lounge or dining room a honeycomb, roman or timber venetian blind may add more warmth and texture to the room.


4. Blind Colour

When it comes to choosing the right colour blinds for your décor you have to follow the existing style of your interior. If you have a minimalistic simple interior you are best off matching your blinds to the wall colour of the room or the window trim so the blinds seamlessly transition into the clean lines of the interior. In a more contemporary home that uses bold colours you could make a statement with you window coverings and choose an existing bright colour in the room for your blinds. In a classic interior that features a lot of wood you could select a matching timber venetian blind. A neutral colour already featured within in the room is also a good colour option for a classic look. Another way to give your room a classic appearance is to choose the traditional style of blind featuring a cord, whereas for a more minimalistic contemporary look it would be better to go with the cordless blind, which has a cleaner finish.

Another important thing to think about when choosing your blinds is the size of the room. If it’s a smaller room and you want it to make it appear larger using a neutral colour similar to the wall shade will accomplish this. However, if the room is quite large and you want to create a cosier space then select a colour that contrasts the wall shade. So now you know all the things to consider when choosing your blinds go and have a look through Veneta’s large range of styles to see what matches your home’s decor.


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