Interior Decor Trends For 2019

Published : 2018-12-07 14:24:52
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The festive season is the perfect time to update your interiors, ready to bring in the new year with a fresh look. Before we dive into the predicted trends for 2019, let’s first take a look at the interior décor trends for 2018 and what we might see carry through into the new year.


Colour of the year

Pantone Colour of the Year, Ultra Violet, was a blue-based purple and was seen as a reflection on the world today, which is often associated with creative spaces and creating individuality, energising and inspiring communities. With vibrant purple and warm pink the on trend colours for 2018, this translated into calm and cosy spaces, as well as energetic ways to update a space.


A trend that has been on the radar for a while now and continuing to flourish, minimalism showcases a simplistic style, removing clutter and creating a neutral base for a home. Minimalism is all about choosing quality over quantity and investing in classic pieces that will stand the test of time. The trend has the ability to cater to a range of interior trends that float in and out over the years and creates an aesthetically pleasing palette with muted tones and layers of texture. Most importantly, when it comes to the minimalist style, it’s all about less is more and following the golden rule of one-in, one-out.


With a strong comeback in 2018, velvet was the fabric of choice for many. Velvet took centre stage with statement pieces such as armchairs and lounge suites. With the rise of luxe interiors, velvet was a welcomed addition to any home interior. This trend is set to carry through into the new year, with the luxe theme continuing.


With the new year fast approaching, deciphering the latest trends to shine through in 2019 can be a minefield. 2019 is set to be full of luxe interiors whilst bring everything back to nature and continuing to mix trends to bring out the best of both worlds. Most importantly, 2019 is the year to not be afraid to reflect your personal style and incorporate it into the upcoming trends. Take a look at what’s in store for 2019 below.

Colour of the Year

2019 is set to draw in inspiration from nature with earthy tones set to be the trend for colours in the coming year. Deep green, coral, burnt orange, mustard yellow and a variety of darker earthy tones, create a modern and refined look to our colour palettes going forward. Lighter neutrals are also set to shine through in 2019, making for a balanced palette when paired with the deep hues.

These darker nature colours are also set to also shine through with the luxe look and jewelled tones making for vibrant and lively homes, mixed with relaxed and neutral colours for balance.


Whilst minimalism is a trend that will stand the test of time, maximalism is a trend that has started to re-emerge in the past few years and in 2019 this trend will come to the forefront. Maximalism is an interior décor trend that encompasses the motto “more is more” and combining big, bold, statement pieces in every aspect of a space. Maximalism is about layers of colour, pattern and texture with a multi-cultural influence. Maximalism really has no rules and no boundaries, it’s about showcasing your personal style and not being afraid to mix and match colours and patterns, showcasing bold interiors throughout the different layers of a space.

Coastal Boho

Both bohemian and coastal interior décor trends have been around for years however, mixing the two is a trend that has started emerging more and more and is set to shine in 2019. No matter where you live, coastal boho is a style that will suit a variety of different homes.

Whilst coastal can encompass a variety of different beachy trends from nautical to tropical and Hamptons to beach shack, coastal is all about layering a neutral base with splashes of beachy colours such as blue.

Bohemian style is all about casual and effortless living with a big focus on texture. The boho interior trend creates warmth and draws in nature with a heavy focus on living plants spread throughout every corner of the home.

Tying these two trends together is easier then you think. It all starts with the colour palette and keeping things light and airy. Add layers of texture and colours of warmth with lots of natural timbers and materials.

With these three interior decorating trends ready to hit the market, now is the perfect time to update your homes interior and bring in the new year with a fresh look.

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