Modern Window Treatments: Motorised Blinds

Published : 2018-07-06 09:24:38
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When it comes to buying modern window treatments for your home, it can be tricky to know what will work best. Whether you are purchasing modern window treatments for a new home or updating old window treatments, there is a solution for every home. The most common modern window treatment is motorised blinds.

Motorised blinds are the latest innovation in window treatments and only continue to improve with the introduction of automation. With the popularity of motorised blinds on the rise, here are some of the benefits and how they could work in your home, to help you decide if motorised blinds are the right solution for you.


The biggest benefit of motorised blinds is how simple and easy they are to operate. With the touch of a button from the convenience of a remote, your motorised blinds can be simply raised up or lowered down. This removes the need for any manual operation of the blind, which makes them a great modern window treatment solution for those who have windows in hard to reach locations. This means those with windows on staircases or tall windows that would require a ladder, makes everyday operation of the blind simple and much more convenient.

Buying motorised blinds is also a fantastic idea if you have an open plan home with multiple windows in the one room. By installing motorised blinds, you can easily operate all blinds at once or by themselves to achieve the optimal position all throughout the day. However, possibly the best convenience motorised blinds offer, is the opportunity to add value to your home by creating not just any old window treatment but adding a feature that will last for years to come.

Child and Pet Safe

For those families with small children or homes with pets, motorised blinds are the perfect solution to keep your entire family safe. Child safety is a major factor when it comes to buying modern window treatments. Not only do you want to keep your family safe, corded and chain operated blinds are by nature very strong and loose cords or chains within reach of children can be fatal. However, motorised blinds remove this issue with the elimination of dangling cords by simple operation with a remote control. By eliminating all dangling cords, this can ensure that no child can grab or tug on the cords and prevents strangulation.

Privacy and Light Control

The main purpose people buy blinds for their home is to improve their privacy and light control throughout the day. Installing motorised blinds will help to give you increased privacy and light control at the touch of a button. This instant on demand control is the ultimate way to improve your homes efficiencies by lowering and raising blinds to control natural sunlight. As mentioned previously, motorised blinds can be operated together or individually giving you the flexibly to control privacy and light all at once or only for certain areas and rooms in the home.

Motorised Blinds Types

Motorised blinds come in a few different modern window treatment types, with an option to suit nearly every room in the home. Here a few of the most common motorised blind types.

Honeycomb Blinds

Motorised Honeycomb Blinds are an excellent addition to any home. The Honeycomb Blinds unique cellular structure is designed to keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter. The cellular design traps the air, creating an airlock and a barrier between inside and out. This means that they are super insulators and help to cut down on energy bills with less reliance on air-conditioners and heaters.

Roller Blinds

The Roller Blind is the quintessential Australian blind found in many homes around the country. As the Roller Blind is the most common blind purchased, making them motorised is the ultimate way to improve your homes efficiencies whilst offering an unobtrusive blind solution for the home.

Zebra Blinds

The Motorised Zebra Blinds offer the ultimate in light and privacy control with two pieces of fabric alternating to give either complete dim out, complete sheer view or a combination of the two. Zebra Blinds are a contemporary blind and work well with modern or minimalist interior décor schemes.

As motorised blinds are seen as a luxury window treatment, this means that they cost more upfront to purchase. This is simply due to more intensive labour producing the blinds as well as more parts and mechanisms involved. However, the benefits far out way the costs of motorised blinds, especially for those making savings on energy bills, families with small children and pets to protect and adding value to your home.

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