Noise Reducing Blinds and Curtains

Published : 2019-01-18 09:31:43
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Do you live on a busy street or main road, have loud neighbours or lots of noisy animals in your neighbourhood? Reducing the amount of noise entering your home and dampening noise inside your home is simple with noise reducing blinds and curtains. Below is a comprehensive guide to the best blinds and curtains for soundproofing your home, plus a few extra noise reducing tips.

Glass windows and doors act as large holes in the home, allowing not only warm and cold air to travel through, but also allowing sound. Be covering glass windows and doors, you are adding a layer of protection to your home and helping to reduce some of the noise. Blinds and Curtains also have many other benefits and this is what makes them an ideal choice and starting place for reducing noise. Blinds and Curtains allow you to improve your privacy, control sunlight and airflow, as well as, helping to improve your insulation, reducing your energy costs. Take a look at the best Blind and Curtain options for reducing noise.

Honeycomb Blinds

When it comes to soundproofing your home with blinds, Honeycomb Blinds are the superior choice with their uniquely designed cellular structure. The Honeycomb Blind cells prevent sound from outside the home travelling through glass and also dampen sounds within the home. This makes them a great choice for homes with hard flooring or families with small children and pets. For the best sound reduction properties, opt for a Honeycomb Blind with a double cell layer. This creates two layers of protection and makes it harder for the sound to travel through the blind. Honeycomb Blinds are also a super insulating blind and help to protect the home all year round by regulating room temperatures.


By adding Curtains to your windows and doors, you are adding a layer of protection and helping to create a barrier between inside and out. Blockout Curtains with a lining, add two layers of protection over your windows and doors. Curtains are excellent sound absorbers with their thick fabrics making it hard for sound to travel through.

Combining Window Treatments

Blinds and Curtains

Whilst window treatments not only dampen sounds from inside and outside the home, creating more layers of insulation for your windows help to improve the reduction of sound. By layering window treatments such as super insulating Honeycomb Blinds and Curtains, you are creating more barriers for sound to travel through. Another option would be combing other window treatments such as Roman Blinds or Roller Blinds with Curtains.

Soundproofing Tips

Sealing gaps and cracks

Just as they allow cool and warm air, slight cracks and gaps around window and door frames, will allow sound to enter the home. Check all window and door frames, as well as cracks along architraves and skirting boards, and fill those gaps with sealant.

Double glazed windows

Whilst this can be an expensive soundproofing option, this is also a very effective one and is a good option for those who suffer from high levels of noise entering the home. Double glazed windows are windows with two layers of glass with an air gap in between to create layers of protection and prevent sound and air from travelling through the window.

Add sound absorbing homewares

Soft furnishings in the home help to absorb sound such as, rugs, cushions, throw rugs, etc. This is an inexpensive way to help absorb sound in the home and also an aesthetically pleasing way to improve your home décor. If you are experiencing a lot of sound transferring through walls in the home, try covering those walls to add an extra layer of protection. Add bookcases or shelving and fill those shelves with books as they are excellent sound absorbers.

Add layers outside the home

For sound entering from outside the house, it’s a good idea to also protect the home from the outside. Plant hedges or bushy trees in front of windows to help add an extra layer and break up the sounds before it enters the home.

By combining these soundproofing tips with noise reducing window treatments, you can easily reduce the level of noise entering the home and also help to dampen sounds within the home.

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