Sheer curtains vs. blackout curtains

Published : 2018-04-27 09:39:07
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With curtains making a comeback and becoming more and more common in homes, many are asking the question, should I choose sheer or blackout curtains? Whilst it does depend on your needs for window treatments in the space, first consider what you want to achieve with your curtains. Curtains can be both practical as well as be aesthetically pleasing, so consider how curtains will help you achieve both. Let’s take a look at the difference between these two types of curtain fabrics and the benefits to your home.

Blackout Curtains

If privacy and light control are major factors in your window covering choice, then blackout curtains are a must have. As the name implies, blackout curtains help to prevent the sun from entering a room. This makes them great for insulating and regulating temperatures in the home by creating a barrier between inside and out, which makes curtains a great window covering solution all year round. They will help to reduce power bills with reduced reliance on air conditioners and heaters. Blackout curtains not only can be made with blackout fabric, they can also be created with light filter and dim out fabrics by simply adding a blockout lining to the back. Blackout curtains are commonly installed in bedrooms, living rooms or media rooms and kid’s rooms.

Blackout curtains tend to darken a space, even when open, so matching a blackout curtain with light and bright interiors is a great way to enhance the space. This also helps to make the blackout curtains a feature in the space and not just blend in with the wall. When installing blackout curtains, ensure they cover the entirety of the window to ensure maximum coverage and minimal light leakage. 

Sheer Curtains

A sheer curtain is made from the type of fabric that allows light to filter through. This also means that you are able to see out through the curtain. A sheer curtain is light and airy and adds a modern and contemporary touch to a space. They are perfect for rooms in the home such as bedrooms, living rooms and dining spaces. Whilst sheer curtains can make a statement in a room or stand out on their own, they are also perfect for rooms with bold colours and strong patterns as they give a visual relief to a space.

When thinking about installing sheer curtains in a room, first consider the amount of natural light that enters the space. As a sheer curtain is see-through, this means minimal privacy and allows the most amount of natural light through the fabric, compared to other curtain fabric types. This also means that you can have a touch of privacy without compromising on view. Sheers curtains also help to create the impression of a larger space due to their see-through nature and are a window covering that will never go out of style.

If you love the look of sheer curtains but still want privacy, then pairing a sheer curtain with a blackout curtain will give you the best of both worlds. Another option to create an elegant look using both curtains and blinds, is to layer sheer curtains with a blockout blind such as a Roller Blind.

Curtain Colour Selection

No matter your interior décor style, your curtains not only need to achieve all the practical elements you need, but also need to be aesthetically pleasing in the space. When it comes to selecting a curtain colour, you can either have your curtains be a statement in the room or blend in with your windows. If you are choosing to blend, then stick with a colour similar to your walls. This will help to keep things cohesive in the space and avoid making a statement. If you are choosing to make a statement with your curtains, then opt for a colour that is already used in the space as a feature. However, when doing this, try to work in wall colours to ensure the curtains blend in nicely in the room.

Curtain Header Styles

Pinch Pleat

Pinch pleat curtains are simply sections of fabric folded and stitched together to create a number of pleats. The most common pinch pleat style is the double which is two folds of fabric stitched together.

Reverse Pleat

The reverse pleat, sometimes known as a box or inverted pleat, is a pinch pleat just reversed. This gives the fabric a flattened pleat header style and is mostly used with blackout or solid colour curtain fabrics. This header style creates strong, clean lines which is well suites to modern interior styles.

Wave Fold

The wave fold is an elegant header style that works best in contemporary and modern interior décor styles. The wave fold curtain gathers fabric together to create a ripple like effect and is commonly used for sheer curtains.

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