The sustainability of our forests and ecology is very important to Veneta Blinds as we sell a large amount of timber products. Our timber is sourced from certified, sustainable and professionally managed forests and we want to encourage and support these ventures. Sustainable forests are protected by strict regulations that will not only rejuvenate but improve the level of forestation across our planet.

Supporting Communities

Veneta Blinds supports important causes in Australia and overseas. Not just in a financial way but as an active and interested party in current community events and as a representative for sustainability and fair trade practices. Veneta Blinds offers support in various ways to many charities. Below you will find a list of charities and the way in which we support them. The picture to the right is a small community of the Solomon Islands that we support.

Charities and Companies we support...


In June, founder of Veneta Blinds, Matthew English will join 50 other Smiling for Smiddy riders & support crew, as they cycle 1500 km from Alice Springs to Darwin to help raise valuable funds for cancer research at the Mater Foundation. 

To raise funds, Smiling for Smiddy are selling the ultimate Travel Mate, to keep all your bits & pieces together as you are on the move at work or play. Veneta Blinds is a proud supporter of this worthy cause and if you are interested in supporting Matthew & Smiling for Smiddy, visit our dedicated Smiling for Smiddy page here. 

RizeUp is a passionate and community-driven charity that supports Australian families affected by domestic violence. Yesterday, Veneta had the opportunity to help and support RizeUp by donating Christmas presents for children aged 0-17 who will be spending this Christmas in a domestic violence refuge.

They are always looking for more support especially during the festive season. So, if you would be interested in donating to this fantastic charity, you can visit their website here.

Smiling for Smiddy is a charity that was started in honour of Adam Smiddy, a passionate sportsman who sadly passed away from cancer in 2006. Smiling for Smiddy helps to raise much needed funds for vital cancer research for the Mater Hospital in Brisbane.

Pictured is founder of Veneta Blinds, Matthew English and team members from Smiling for Smiddy before the swim at the 2016 Noosa Triathlon. Veneta Blinds supported Matthew and team Smiling for Smiddy by contributing towards their goal of raising $1.5 million in 2016. More information about Smiling for Smiddy can be found here.

Andrew Coronis - "In April 2016, I will be cycling 1000km in 7 days to raise money for sick children.  Help us make a difference for kids in need - every dollar counts". 

What a superstar and great partner in business is Andrew Coronis. Not only leading the way in the Queensland Real Estate market but also showing the way in helping the rest of the community. Veneta Blinds proudly continues to sponsor Andrew's charity work. To support Andrew and the Chain Reaction charity please click here.

Kolombangara Forestry is a professional managed sustainable forestry providing the only source of employment for the local population of Kolombangara in the Solomon Islands. 

Pictured is founder of Veneta Blinds Matthew English donating seedlings as part of our annual support of Kolombangara. Each year Veneta Blinds donates one seedling for every Timber Venetian blind sold and continues to be a proud supporter of smart business that follows the international standards of sustainable foresting. More information about Kolombangara Forestry can be found here.

We are a passionate and determined team of Australian Entrepreneurs that are venturing to Cambodia this year to make a difference in the lives of disadvantaged and orphaned children.

Our mission is to present them with a new way of looking at things. To give them an opportunity to dream and think a little bigger. We want to ask them 'What if?'
What if you could own that cafe you have always dreamed about? What if you could learn how to run a business? What if your life could be different?.

A big thankyou to Andrew Morrello for his work with this charity and for opening our eyes to this situation at a recent charity auction at The Entourage in Altimo, Sydney. Our Managing Director Mathew English donated a nights accomodation at the Adina Hotel Wharfside for the auction. And no he didn't stop there, being caught up in the love being shared around the room, Matthew bid for State of Origin tickets and won adding another $1000 donation to the cause. Check out their website and make a donation to help Project Gen Z make a huge difference in these kids lives -

Diabetes QLD are a charity and membership organisation providing education, advice, ongoing support and advocacy to Queensland living with diabetes, and those at risk. 

Veneta Blinds financially supported Andrew Coronis, the Managing Director at Coronis, in his participation in the Diabetes QLD Tour De Office starting this week the 7th of June 2015. Andrew's grandmother lost her leg and subsequently her life from diabetes, and there is many other stories like this. We are very passionate about supporting Andrew with his ride to help raise money for the charity. If you would like to support Andrew, please click here.

On the 18th June 2015 1300 CEOs slept out in the cold, experiencing for one night what over 100,000 Australians experience every night.

Their commitment has increased the profile of homelessness and your generous support has raised crucial funds for Vinnies homeless services. Your generous donations will not only provide immediate and emergency assistance but pathways to a brighter future. There is still time to give now - Donate.

This year our CEO was overseas during the event, so we have made a direct donation to St Vincent de Paul for this great cause. Next year he will not be so lucky as his PA has already cleared his calendar... No getting out of it in 2016 Matthew! :)  I urge everyone to regularly donate to an organisation such as Vinnies for the incredible amount of work they do in Australia and overseas.

Veneta Binds proudly supports the Leukaemia Foundation and their World’s Greatest Shave. This year we pledged to donate $50 for every order valued over $500 placed between the 12th - 19th of March. Our donation will help fund vital blood cancer research to find cures and will also give families all the emotional and practical support they need to get through the tough times.

Everyday 31 Australians with be given the devastating news that they have leukaemia, lymphoma, myeloma or a related blood disorder and although survival rates are improving, blood cancers are the third biggest cause of cancer death in Australia. Supporting and donating to The Leukaemia Foundation is vital as the money sponsored goes towards research to find better treatments and cures and also to provide support for families when they need it most. To learn more or to make a donation, go to

Kolumbangara is one of the many islands that make up the Solomon Islands. Almost perfectly round and about 15km across this beautiful habitat is heavily forested with a very small population. Kolombangara Forestry is a professional managed sustainable forestry providing the only source of employment for the local population.

Veneta Blinds donates one tree seedling to Kolombangara Forestry for every Timber Venetian blind we sell. Therefore you are supporting re-growth, sustainable forests and the local communities of Kolombangara when you purchase a Timber Venetian blind from Veneta Blinds! More information about Kolombangara Forestry can be found here at:

The RSPCA’s mission is to prevent cruelty to animals by actively promoting their care and protection. To achieve this, the RSPCA works to enforce animal cruelty laws and prompt new legislation where required. The RSPCA also operates animal care and adoption facilities, and seeks to raise community awareness regarding the humane treatment of animals. In addition, the RSPCA works with government and industry to establish standards for animal care.

See more at:

These beautiful creatures share this great planet with us and we want to show our support for their right to peacefully co-exist alongside of us. The RSPCA has many campaigns such as animal cruelty, caged chickens, puppy farms, food labelling and also animal care and adoption services. These services and information are integral to ensure we live in a humane and caring society. Veneta Blinds supports the RSPCA through regular financial donations. If you are interested in adopting a pet… dog, cat, bunny or many other animals, please contact the RSPCA here at:

Our Mission… To stop child sexual assault in our society.

Our Vision… To make Australia the safest place in the world to raise a child.

Our guiding principles… To, at all times, do all things to serve our Mission without fear or favour and without compromise and to continually ensure that the best interests and protection of the child are placed before all other considerations.

Something to really think about is the statistics that go along with this not so nice side of life. 1 in 5 children in Australia today will suffer the effects of abuse by the age of 18. Veneta Blinds stands behind a great venture such as Bravehearts, we are a member and we honour and support their work. At every opportunity Veneta Blinds proudly sponsors a “Ditto’s Keep Safe Adventure” live show that travels around Australia to students and schools educating, empowering and ultimately protecting our children. For more information visit:

In June 2013 after reading the plight of Australian and predominantly Qld farmers who were destroying their cattle and some being forced off their land, the team at The Give Back campaign decided to do something about it. After some brainstorming it was decided the best thing to do was to ask Australians to buy a bale of hay and the feed would be delivered where it was most needed. More information can be found at:

Buy a Bale is our way of supporting country Australia. The hard working people of our outback work tirelessly to ensure the rest of Australia are looked after when it comes to the basic foods we rely on. From cattle, sheep and cows, to crops of grains, fruit and veges, this is an extremely important part of our economy. Veneta Blinds continues to buy bales for this excellent cause to show our support in one small way that we can. If you would like to do the same please visit:

At Spinal Injuries Australia, our mission is to enhance the lives of people who have a spinal injury. We do this by supporting and empowering people through a range of high-quality services. Our members and clients are living their lives to the fullest, just differently than they used to. In essence, our role is to provide support to men and women with services including personal assistance in the home, employment assistance, advocacy on a wide range of issues, healthcare and lifestyle advice. Our services range from supporting a newly-injured person still in hospital to providing assistance and advice throughout that person’s life as required. But we are so much more than just a service provider. We are there for them when they need us, from injury to independence. View more at:

Veneta Blinds are proud to support such an organisation that with the help of donations; continues to help provide the vital support and services that are needed by those with spinal cord injuries, to rebuild their lives and become independent. If you would like to donate and help to empower those with a disability go to:

Paramedics Australasia (PA) is the peak professional association representing practitioners who provide paramedic services to the community. Paramedics are best known for their involvement in the delivery of out of hospital emergency medical care through their work with various Ambulance Service organisations and on humanitarian and relief operations. However, paramedics work in many environments including community, industrial, military, hospital and university settings. PA provides a respected voice in determining how changes in health service provision, legislation and clinical practice are shaped and implemented to enhance the quality of patient care. To view more go to:

Paramedics Australasia supports its members by providing opportunities for professional development and programs of continuing education plus so much more. PA is responsible for the funding, service standards, quality and accreditation of emergency service providers and Veneta Blinds gladly helps support their cause. For more information go to:

The Australasian Institute of Policing is a non-industrial, not-for-profit incorporated association that has been established by police practitioners, for police practitioners to further the policing profession and thereby enhance policing services to our communities. More information as to the history and objects of the association can be found here.

A safe community and lifestyle is one of the great attributes of living in Australia. This is due to the dedication and hard work of services such as our police forces including each state force, the crime commision, military police and the federal police. It's a tough job that ensures our safety day after day, 365 days a year, allowing us the freedom to move around the country in free speach and free of fear of persicution which many other countries throughout the world aspire to. Supporting the Australasian Institute of Policing is our way to say 'Thanks' for a great job that is well done in keeping Australia the great place that it is!

Veneta Blinds proudly supports student internships through QUT Work Integrated Learning Program. We believe that it is critical for students to gain industry experience to further enhance their future empoyability and add depth to their studies. As an industry partner and supervisor, we engage students in our company workplace and culture so that they can learn about individual agency and organisational structure to help their transition into a professional work enviornment whilst applying and further developing their knowledge and skills.