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Are you looking for Wooden Blinds? Veneta Blinds offers custom blinds made of real wood!

Our Wooden Blinds offer perfect privacy and light control while providing a stunning design in your interior. The Veneta blinds offer high quality to provide you with a long term value and enjoyment. The Wood Blinds are available in two collections: Premium and Essentials. The Essentials collection comes included with a decorative headrail and 50mm slats. The Premium collections come with a valance made of wood and the choice between 50mm or 60mm wide slats. The premium collection also has an option for designer ladder tape for a unique look and feel in your home.


Wooden Blinds Models

Smart Privacy Wood Blinds

Designer Tape Wood Blinds

Essentials Wooden Blinds


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Wooden Blind Slats

  • Hand crafted using lightweight Phoenixwood which reveals the timber’s authentic character and texture.
  • Timber is a natural insulator helping you save on your power bills.
  • Provides the ultimate control over privacy, view, light and ventilation.
  • Contemporary matching timber valance is included (premium only).
  • Upgrade to ladder tape for a designer look and feel (premium only).


Smart Prviacy Wooden Slats

✅ Smart Privacy Slats

'Smart Privacy' slats, the new contemporary styling for Wooden Venetians. Patented 'Smart Privacy' slats offer snug closure with no slots securing your privacy and reducing light leakage. 'Smart Privacy' was awarded the 'Best Innovation Award' by the WCMA (USA) in 2011. Veneta's range of Timber Venetians come standard with this award winning innovation.

WMCA Awards                         Closed Smart Privacy Slats



Wooden Blind with Elite Cord System

✅ Elite Cord Lock System

Our Patented 'Elite' cord lock system ensures smooth and easy operation of the blind. Lighten the load with no jamming of the cord is what you can expect from this quality innovation.



Wooden Blind withCHild Safety System

✅ Child Safety - Breakaway Tassel

The Breakaway Tassel is designed so that if a child gets caught in between the multiple cords the tassel instantly breaks apart removing the threat of strangulation.



Wooden Blind Ladder Cord or Tape

✅ Ladder Cord or Ladder Tape (premium only)

Upgrade your standard Ladder Cord to a designer look by choosing a Ladder Tape as your Ladder system. The Designer Ladder Tape is colour coordinated to your blind colour and is displayed in the photos on the order page. Slotted slats are supplied with the Designer Tape Venetian Blinds without compromising your privacy due to the thickness of the tape.

Wooden Blinds Online from Veneta

Veneta Blinds is the no.1 blind supplier in the world for all your window decoration needs. We are an Australian company based in Brisbane that loves to make our customers happy with the perfect blinds. Veneta Blinds believes in an online DIY approach to save you up to 70% on custom Wood Blinds. Installing our blinds is also easy with our handy installation instructions on our site.

Custom Made Wooden Blinds

Our wooden blinds are made of the highest quality from ecological Phoenixwood. The perfected kiln drying process of the wooden blinds ensures more robust and durable slats. This makes our Wood Blinds perfectly suited for the harsher Australian climatic conditions. Our 5 year warranty assures you years of enjoyment with our custom Wooden Blinds.

Wooden Blinds & Timber Blinds

Veneta Blinds refers to the Wood Blinds as Timber Blinds or Timber Venetian Blinds on the website. These Timber Blinds are available in two collections and are 100% made of real wood. The Wood Blinds provide you with full control over privacy, view and lighting. You can adjust the blinds with the included cords to open and close the slats and move the blind up and down.

The Wooden Blinds from Veneta use the patented ‘Elite’ cord lock system to provide you with easy operation over the blinds without getting the cords stuck. Our ‘Smart Privacy’ slats are perfectly adjusted so that there is minimal light coming through when the blind is closed. The slats will perfectly cover each other to ensure you with the most privacy when closed.


Premium Quality | Value for Money | Friendly Service

At Veneta, we strive to ensure you receive the best value for money when it comes to buying custom-made blinds online in Australia. We’ve cut out the middlemen, we’ve partnered with a world leading blind manufacturer, opened our shop online 24 hours a day 7 days a week, computerised our systems and we deliver your blinds fast and direct to your door. We offer a money back guarantee for your peace of mind and provide premium support from our friendly staff.


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