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Are you looking for Skylight Blinds? Veneta Blinds has the perfect Blind solution for your Skylight Windows!

It can be difficult to find the right blind suited for your skylight windows. Look no further! At Veneta Blinds, we deliver quality custom made blinds that will fit your skylight windows perfect. Based on the measurements you fill in online, the blinds will be adjusted by the factory so that they fit perfectly. Our Skylight Honeycomb Blinds are trendy and are available in a variety of colour and product options to choose from.


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Custom Made Skylight Blinds

Custom made Skylight Blinds offer you a unique way for stylish and comfortable window decoration. The Blinds are crafted with the best materials to offer the best possible end product. Standard sized blinds can be a big struggle for Skylight Blinds because they need to fit perfectly. With a custom made blind, you will get beautiful blinds that also still offer easy control over your skylight window.

We value build quality and durability greatly, that’s why all our blinds have a 5 year warranty. When you buy our custom Skylight Blinds, you are also ensured with our Measure Insurance. Whenever you make a measurement mistake, we will deliver a replacement blind free of charge. This way you are always comfortable, buying custom made Skylight Blinds online from Veneta Blinds.

Find the perfect Blinds for Skylights Windows

Find the perfect Blinds for Skylights Windows The perfect blinds for skylight windows can be found in our Honeycomb Blinds collection. These blinds are completely made for skylight windows. In this Skylight collection, you still have a lot of colour and product options to choose from. This way you can fully customise your blind to your own liking.

The Honeycomb Skylight Blinds are also available with a blockout transparency. This fabric ensures that light will be kept out as much possible. These blockout Skylight Blinds are perfect for skylight windows in bedrooms. They will deliver an optimal blind experience where you can sleep comfortably without getting distracted by light.

Pleated Skylight Blinds

The Honeycomb Blinds are Pleated Skylight Blinds with a special eco-cell structure. The honeycomb structure, which gives the honeycomb blinds its name, helps with insulating your home. By the air layer between the single cell variant of this Pleated Skylight Blind, warmth will be kept in during the winter and kept out during the summer.

The Pleated Skylight Blinds are also great for sound insulation. The same honeycomb structure keeps sounds out as much as possible, which is great for homes near busy streets. This is especially useful because windows are one of the main points where heat and sound go through because of less insulation. Our Pleated Skylight Blinds will ensure you with a beautiful stylish look that is also very practical and saves you money on your power bill!


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