Veneta Curtains are classic and sophisticated in style, simple to operate by hand, reduce glare and help to protect furniture and flooring from the harsh Australian claimate. Veneta Curtains are manufactured locally in Australia from high quality fabrics sourced from all over the world to keep up with the latest Australian interior decor trends. The curtain fabric has been tested in the Australian climate to ensure the fabric and components can withstand Australian hot summers and cold winters. Curtains add a touch of class to any room in the home however work well in bedrooms, living room, media rooms and studies.

Below are the different header styles available in the Veneta Curtain range.

Double Pinch Pleat

The pinch pleat style is the most popular curtain style in Australia and this is due to its versatility to work with all decor styles. The double pinch pleat has two folds of fabric sewn together to create a pinched look, stacks neatly when completely drawn back and offers a uniform look. This style is most commonly used with thicker fabrics such as with dim out or blockout fabric types.

Reverse Pleat

The reverse pleat is a classic curtain header style that offers a flattened pleat look. The clean and sophisticated lines complement most interior décor styles however are well suited to the minimalist style. The sleek and flat appearance of the curtains hides the pleats at the back and the reverse pleat style looks best when matched with subtle and plain fabric styles. This is popular in both sheer and blockout fabric types and these can be used together to create a Day & Night effect. 

Wave Fold

The wave fold style allows the fabric to form a wave like effect with soft ripple like folds. The wave fold curtain neatly folds back when completely open and is a modern and contemporary style which is often found in newly built or renovated homes. They will add a touch of class and elegance to any space.

Note: All Curtain styles arrive to your door neatly folded on hangers in anti-penetration plastic.

Curtains Kitchen Dining


  • Easy and lightweight hand operation
  • Simple and functional regulation of natural light
  • Instant on demand privacy control
  • Variety of curtain fabric colour options available to suit any décor style
  • Sheer, light filter, dim out and blockout fabric options available
  • Create a Day & Night effect by layering a sheer with a blockout curtain
  • Maximised daylight and view when drawn back

Hint: Install your curtains to the ceiling to create longer lines and the illusion of higher ceilings.


Double Pinch Pleat

Reverse Pleat

Wave Fold

Fabric Range

Veneta Blinds have a wonderful range of quality fabrics in various designs, shades and colours.

Choose from 70 contemporary fabric colours across the Veneta Curtains fabric style such as sheer, light filter, dim out and blockout. This picture illustrates the variation in transparencies.


Points to note:

  • Due to colour variations in different product batches, it is recommended to order curtains for the same room at the same time to ensure colour consistency and avoid dye lot variation. Over time fabrics may fade more in some areas than others dependent upon the position of the curtain during the day.
  • Curtains will arrive on hangers to avoid creases however fabrics that include cotton or linen will experience a certain amount of wrinkling due to the lining and this is considered normal. We recommend a steamer to help remove wrinkling.
  • Blockout has a room darkening effect which varies with certain conditions including fabric type, mounting method and does not necessarily make the room pitch black.
  • Fabrics are limited by the maximum width at which they are manufactured, so some curtains will be supplied in Railroad format, meaning the material is turned on its side so as to prevent the need to join the fabric.
  • Some imperfections may occur in woven products as a result of the natural weaving process and is considered normal.
  • Although rarely ever an issue, the straightness of horizontal and vertical patterns is not guaranteed.
  • Slight colour variations will occur between different monitors and screens and even printed brochures compared to the actual colour of the curtain. If the accuracy of the colour is important to you, we recommend ordering a free colour sample to ensure you will be satisfied with your choice.
  • To order a free colour sample simply move your mouse over the colour you like and click 'Order Free Sample'. Then 'Checkout' by clicking 'Cart' located at the top right of every page and your samples will be posted out the same day or next business day.

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