Versatile, Contemporary and Highly Durable

Update your home with luxurious Veneta Monterey Shutters that will last you a lifetime. Veneta Shutters offer flexible control over light, privacy and airflow with the ability to manoeuvre the blades or fully open the shutter panel and allow light to flood the room.

With advanced composite wood construction, Veneta Monterey Shutters offer a highly durable window covering solution with the frame and stiles made from sustainably sourced wood and blades comprised of ABS with wooden support for reinforced strength and precision control. The finish coating also provides superior long-lasting protection, designed to withstand Australian conditions and prevent cupping, sagging, warping, peeling, cracking, chipping and yellowing.

Veneta’s Shutter collection offers homeowners the latest trend in window covering solutions, with 3 white shades to choose from and the ability to customise your shutters to suit your window or door application. Given their lightweight and robust design, Veneta Shutters are suited to windows and doors of all shapes and sizes and are designed with DIY in mind, with the option of shutter panels or shutters with frame. Veneta Monterey Shutters are custom made by our factory and shipped direct to your door, within 6-8 weeks.


  • Control light and privacy by manoeuvring the blades to your desired position with a hidden control bar or a centre control bar
  • Three blade size options; 63mm, 89mm and 114mm
  • Shutter Panels come with hang Strip for the left and right of the opening and includes 2 light blocks for top and bottom (inside mount only)
  • Recessed magnets embedded into each stile to help eliminate the gap between the shutter panel and the frame, to create a simple and clean look from any angle
  • Each Shutter Panel includes an overlap (D-Mould/Atsragal Stile) to help prevent light leakage between closing panels
  • Mortise and tenon joinery to help your shutters withstand decades of use and differing conditions
  • Certified VOC-Safe

Did you know? To maximise structural strength and rigidity of the blades, Veneta Monterey Shutters are reinforced by an intricate hidden structural support system inspired by the design of wing spars on an aircraft. 


Shutter Blade Sizes

Veneta Monterey Shutters are available in 3 blades size options; 63mm, 89mm and 114mm. Depending on the size of blade you select, will determine the depth required for mounting your shutters on the inside of the window frame. The blades are centred in the stile which is 25mm in depth. This needs to be taken into consideration when measuring for shutters. For example, if you are purchasing shutters with 63mm blades, you will need a miniumum of 45mm of depth inside your window frame. This will ensure your shutters can operate smoothly without any obstructions. Refer to the image on the right for each blade size and the depth required. 

Tilt Rod Control Options

Choose between a hidden tilt rod or a centre tilt rod for the control of your shutter blades. The hidden tilt rod offers a modern look with the tilt rod concealed in the shutter panel, using hand control to move the blades to any desired position. The hidden tilt rod prevents your view from being obstructed and making it easier for cleaning. The centre tilt rod offers a classic shutter look, with the tilt rod located on the front of the shutter panel in the centre, allowing you to control your blades with the rod.

Bracket Types

Shutters (no frame): The L Hinge is used in conjunction with 2 pieces of Hang Strip positioned on the left and right hand sides of the opening behind the shutters. Half the L hinge is pre-mounted on the face of the Hang Strip, the other half attached to the panel, so you just need to drop the pins into the hinges to join the 2 together.

Shutters with Frame: The Self Motise Hinge is used for shutter installations with frames. This makes for simple installation with half the hinge attached to the frame, the other half attched to the panel, so you just need to drop the pins into the hinges to join the two together.

For Bi-Folding panels (LL or RR), Rabbet stiles and Rabbet hinges are used to prevent any light leakage between the panels (pictured).

Each shutter colour has colour co-ordinated brackets. Alternatively upgrade to stainless steel and add a luxurious touch to your overall shutter look, for a small surcharge. If you live in coastal areas we recommend stainless steel hinges.

Panel Configurations

Once you have measured your windows or doors for your shutters, consider the number of panels and how you want the panels to operate. For example, 4 panels - left, left, right, right. Your panel configuration options will be determined by the size of your windows or doors. Once you input your measurements on the Veneta Shutters order page, your panel configuration options will automatically appear. Remember, when it comes to selecting your panel configuration, avoid overcrowding your windows. Less is more! 


honeycomb blindsday and night blinds


Shutter Frame Styles

Inside Mount - Z Frame

Modern look with clean rounded edges in a sleek profile. Used for inside mount Shutter installations, giving you a big shutter presence on a smaller footprint.

Inside Mount - L Frame

The perfect addition to any home with a contemporary frame style offering clean and straight lines, completmenting modern window frames. 


Outside Mount - Vintage L Frame

The original Shutter frame design, the Vintage L Frame is used for outside mount installations and offers a clean and traditional look with vintage beading. This strip is removable and hides your screw holes offering a nice neat finish to your installation.

Outside Mount - L Frame

Complements a contemporary décor and creates the look of a modern window frame. The flat L Frame is used for both inside and outside mount installations and is perfect for the modern homes.

Colour Range

Choose from our range of popular white shades to suit any home interior decor.

The medical-grade safe and long lasting polypropylene coating with a UV inhibitor provides a smooth, durable and robust coating that protects against scratching, chipping, cracking, yellowing, fading, staining and heat damage.

Click here to see our full range of colours.

Points to note:

  • Slight colour variations will occur between different monitors and screens and even printed brochures compared to the actual colour of the blind. If the accuracy of the colour is important to you, we recommend ordering a free colour sample to ensure you will be satisfied with your selection.
  • To order a free colour sample simply move your mouse over the colour you like and click 'Order Free Sample'. Then 'Checkout' by clicking 'Cart' located at the top right of every page and your samples will be posted out the same day or next business day.

Instruction Guides


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