Honeycomb Blind Types

Made-To-Measure & Custom-Made Honeycomb Blinds

Veneta Blinds has a wide variety range of Honeycomb Blinds to suit every budget. Choose from our Budget, Essentials or Premium Honeycomb Blind ranges.

With Honeycomb Blinds from Veneta, you can find a window covering soltuion for your home simply by selecting a range that suits your budget and choosing a model that is most suitable for your windows and doors. Choose from our Budget, Essentials or Premium ranges, customise your blinds and have made-to-measure Honeycomb Blinds arrive at your door within 5 days and custom-made Honeycomb Blinds within 14 days! See the different Honeycomb Blind ranges below and find the right solution for your home.

5 Day Delivery Honeycomb
  • Starting From $75
  • Polydeco Rails
  • Made-To-Measure
  • White Light Filter & Blockout
  • Single Cell 38mm
  • Delivery In 5 Days


Essentials Cordless Honeycomb
  • Starting From $112
  • Polydeco Headrail
  • Custom-Made
  • Popular Colour Range
  • Single Cell 38mm
  • Delivery In 14 Days


Honeycomb Premium Blinds
  • Starting From $112
  • Your Choice Of Features
  • Custom-Made
  • Designer Colour Range
  • Single & Double Cells
  • Delivery In 14 Days


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Budget Models - 5 Day Delivery Honeycomb Blinds


Essentials Models


Premium Models









You can easily buy 5 Day Delivery Honeycomb Blinds online at Veneta Blinds. 5 Day Delivery Honeycomb Blinds are cut-to-fit your window width and supplied at the next height measurement up from your window height. 5 Day Delivery Honeycomb Blinds can reach a maximum of 2200mm high and a maximum width of 1834mm.

Choose between Light Filter (Snow Drift) or Blockout (Glacier White) fabric in a Single Cell 38mm. 5 Day Delivery Blinds are a light weight, easy to install option with Polydeco rails and hand control operation. 5 Day Delivery Honeycomb Blinds are a budget friendly solution that are delivered direct to your door, within just 5 days! We want to ensure that you have a pleasant experience with our 5 Day Delivery Honeycomb Blinds. That is why our Satisfaction Guarantee offers you 100% money back when you aren’t completely happy with our window blinds.


Essentials Cordless Honeycomb Blinds are custom-made to your exact height and width. Customise your Essentials Honeycomb Blind by choosing from a select range of popular Honeycomb Blind colours in both Light Filter and Blockout fabrics, in Single Cell 38mm. Using a handle attached to the bottom rail, Essentials Cordless Honeycomb Blinds eliminate exposed cords, making them an excellent budget friendly, child and pet safe window covering option. With a Polydeco headrail, the blind is easy to operate and simple to install.

Your new custom-made Essentials Cordless Honeycomb Blinds will be delivered direct from our factory to your door, within 14 days, no matter where you live in Australia. When you order Essentials Honeycomb Blinds online, you can feel comfortable about DIY measuring with Veneta Blinds Measure Insurance. This means, you will receive a free replacement blind, if you get the measurements wrong. So, buy Honeycomb Blinds online today and save valuable time and money.


Premium Honeycomb Blinds are custom-made to fit your windows and doors perfectly, based on your width and height measurements. By choosing from our Premium range of Honeycomb Blinds, you can select from corded, cordless, motorised or vertical, in a variety of models. You can also customise your blinds by choosing from an extensive designer range of fabric colours, in both Light Filter and Blockout, in a range of Single and Double Cell sizes. Once you have made your customisations and placed your order, your Honeycomb Blinds will be custom-made in our factory and delivered to your door, within 14 days!

Honeycomb Blinds are a great way to save energy and save money. The unique cellular structure traps air within the cells and this makes them a great solution for the Australian climate. The Honeycomb Blind cell structure helps to regulate temperatures, keeping your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter, whilst reducing your reliance on heating and cooling appliances. This will help you to save energy and in turn save on your energy bills.

Honeycomb Blinds also have excellent sound absorption properties that help to reduce noise within the home. This is a great solution for those who live on a busy street or those who have hard flooring.

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At Veneta, we strive to ensure you receive the best value for money when it comes to buying custom-made blinds online in Australia. We’ve cut out the middlemen, we’ve partnered with a world leading blind manufacturer, opened our shop online 24 hours a day 7 days a week, computerised our systems and we deliver your blinds fast and direct to your door. We offer a money back guarantee for your peace of mind and provide premium support from our friendly staff.


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