Factory and Quality Manufacturing

Feel safe in knowing you have the industry leaders focused on creating a high quality custom made product, specifically designed to withstand the harsh Australian climate, professionally hand crafted and supplied direct from the manufacturer, offering you the consumer, exceptional value for money. 

Not only is our factory one of the largest suppliers of blinds in the world, it is also continually striving to improve product design and functionality. With research and development at the forefront of manufacturing priorities, you can rest assured your blind will be the best the industry has to offer. With 40 years of industry knowledge, creative and innovative thinking, great designs and smart manufacturing procedures, we can now offer what we believe to be...

Creative management strategies coupled with innovative manufacturing principles make our factory one of the world leaders when it comes to the supply of quality blinds.  The majority of blind components are manufactured in-house with the end result of lower costs, greater quality control and ultimately a more superior product supplied to you the consumer. The factory is located in DongGuan China where it provides a huge boost to the local economy through generous employment conditions including accommodation, meals and a healthy and clean working environment. We are proud to be partners, as we continually see the benefits that smart business principles offer the consumer.

Timber sourced from sustainable plantations:

The Phoenixwood tree, also known as Paulownia or Kiri tree, is one of the world’s fastest growing tree species. Sawn timber can be harvested in less than 10 years, and after harvesting a new tree can grow from the original stump (coppice growth), using the old and well established root system. This procedure can be repeated several times, saving post-harvest clearing, land erosion and the resultant runoff and river salinity. Actually this extraordinary capability has bestowed on this species the common name “Phoenixwood”.

This very adaptable tree is also favoured for another very important environmental reason. With their giant leaves these trees act as huge lungs to srcub the air. Every year each tree removes large amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere replenishing this with oxygen. In addition the leaves that drop each winter, release nitrogen and increase soil fertility. We are proud of our choice of timber and the environmental benefits that go with it.

Window Coverings Association of Australia:

The Window Coverings Association of Australia is a non-profit organisation committed to serving its members as well as the community in general. Buying from a Window Coverings Association of Australia Inc (WCAA) member gives you piece of mind in your choice of retailer. Why? Because all members comply with a Code of Ethics and Industry Standards that make sure that you, the Consumer, will be delighted with your new Window Coverings. For more information on industry news and events please visit the WCAA website.

Veneta Blinds strives to provide the best shopping experience to our customers by utilising world’s best practice in everything we do. We buy from one of the largest and most efficient blind suppliers in the world, we adhere to the Australian laws and guidelines in relation to safety and industry standards and are a member of the Window Coverings Association of Australia. We pride ourselves on our ethics and the way we do business. We have a large community awareness program where we understand our corporate responsibility within our community and share the love as often as possible.

Window Covering Products:

Although our factory is regarded as the best in the world for supplying shutters, they're equivalently one of the best for the supply of blinds worldwide and have won many awards over the years for their innovation and dedication to supply a superior product. We offer a vast range of products which quite often have different names in the market place... so to clarify, our range consists of; Venetian blinds, Timber venetians, Wooden venetians, PVC venetians, Aluminium venetians and also fabric blinds; Holland blinds, Roller blinds, cordless Roller blinds, Roman blinds, cordless Roman blinds, Honeycomb blinds, cordless Honeycomb blinds, Top down bottom up Honeycomb blinds, Cellular blinds, Day&Night blinds, Motorised blinds, vertical Honeycomb blinds and you can purchase all these blinds online right now from our convenient 24/7 online shop - www.venetablinds.com.au.

Recent Awards:


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