Why buy from Veneta Blinds?

Smarter Blind Solutions... and put simply... great value for money! Our focus is to provide high quality window coverings, delivered fast & directly to your door, for a great price and with a 5 year warranty. What more could you ask for... Right? Well, how about a Satisfaction Guarantee or your money back… you got it! That’s why you should buy from us… Veneta Blinds Pty Ltd (Australian owned and operated).

Who to trust on the internet?

At Veneta Blinds we understand that buying online can sometimes be a daunting task. We have affiliations with GeoTrust to confirm our authenticity and eWay and the Westpac bank as our merchant provider managing our online payments. We are an Australian owned company and are run by Australians, we have a physical address where you can come and speak with us if necessary. Furthermore you can jump online to www.productreview.com.au or www.womo.com.au to see the feedback from our previous customers, showing you our dedication to our customers and our dedication to supply quality products at great value for money.


Can I change my order?

You can change your order for up to 8 hours after placing it, before it may go into production. Call our Customer Service team on 1300 836 382 (1300 VENETA) as soon as possible!

Can I check the progress of my order?

To check the progress of your order simply log in to our website by clicking on ‘Log in’ located at the top of every page.


What is the difference between installing inside or outside of the window?

The most popular method in Australia is to install your blind inside the window frame, reveal or sill as it is sometimes referred to. Most windows in Australia have an architrave around the window frame and this is where you would install the blind on the outside of the window frame. If you do not have an architrave, you would install the blind on the outside of the window frame on the wall. Please see the diagrams below to help you understand these 2 scenarios.

Do you custom make the blinds to fit my window?

Yes all Veneta Blinds are custom made to fit only your particular window.

Can I come and see your products?

Our business model is designed to keep your costs as low as possible and to do this we have decided against having a showroom; however we can send samples to you free of charge, for you to have a look and feel of our products.

I have a technical question?

Your best option is to contact us via the 'online live chat' located at the bottom right of your screen. Alternatively feel free to contact our Customer Service from 9am to 5pm Monday-Friday on 1300 836 382 (1300 VENETA).

I want to see the real thing, like a sample of the colour or fabric I want?

No problem! We have a free sample service where you can request up to 10 samples for free. Simply mouse over the colour or fabric you like and click on ‘Order Free Sample’. Alternatively click here to see the complete list of samples by product.

Can I trust the colours on my screen?

There will always be a degree of colour variation between different screens and monitors and even printed brochures compared to the actual colour of the product. If the accuracy of the colour is important to you, we recommend ordering a free colour sample to ensure you will be satisfied with your selection. Simply mouse over the colour or fabric on the colour selection page and click on ‘Order a Sample’. Alternatively click here to see the complete list of samples by product.

What is the best blind for insulation?

Studies have shown us the Honeycomb Double Cell Blind has the best insulation properties of modern blinds. The double cells create air locks and have a distinct advantage over other blinds on the market. Roman blinds when ordered with a thicker fabric and blackout lining offer an excellent level of insulation. Our Phoenixwood Venetian blinds also rate highly due to their timber composition and tiny air pockets creating a more natural insulation barrier. Any of our blackout fabric blinds will always do a great job of insulating your home. More information can be found under the specifications for each of the products.

What do you mean by child safety?

Many household items hold an imminent danger to children or pets. Approximately 1 child every year dies in Australia of strangulation from blind cords and chains. Veneta Blinds supplied with cords or chains come with safety devices to prevent such an event. Veneta also offers a range of cordless blinds to overcome this issue. Australian Law now states 'To avoid creating a possible strangulation hazard for children, the corded internal window covering must be installed in such a way that a loose cord cannot form a loop 220mm or longer at a height of less than 1600mm above floor level. A cord/chain guide may be installed lower than 1600mm above floor level if the cord/chain is sufficiently secured or tensioned to prevent a loop 220mm or longer from being formed. If a cord/chain guide is installed lower than 1600mm above floor level it must be designed to prevent a child from being able to remove the cord. If a cleat is used to secure the cord, it must be installed at least 1600mm above floor level because a child is capable of unwinding a cord from a cleat. For more information, please visit our website at www.venetablinds.com.au/child-safety'. Also remember to never place a cot, chair or childs bed near a blind cord or chain.

I cannot find what I want on your website?

If for any reason you cannot find what you are after, please call our Customer Service team 1300 836 382 (1300 VENETA) and we will endeavour to lead you in the right direction whether that be on our website or not.


Why do I need to pay upfront?

All of Veneta Blinds products are custom made to suit your window perfectly. For this reason the blinds are of no use to anyone else. This also creates a cash flow positive business model which helps to lower the cost of your product.

What type of payments do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Bank Deposit or Transfer and PayPal.

How secure is paying with my credit card online?

Only the latest and most secure technology is used to encrypt your personal information ensuring your security and privacy. At the bottom of each page you can see the verification for the security features on our website from GeoTrust and eWay.


How long before I receive my blinds?

We allow 14 days for your order to be custom made and delivered to your door. In most cases the blinds will be delivered quicker, so we quote 14 days to cover for unusual circumstances out of our control.

How is my order delivered?

We use the services of FedEx Express, which is one of the largest delivery services the world has to offer. With over 160,000 staff worldwide, these guys know logistics and know how to handle your goods safely. FedEx are affiliated with Star Track Express so you goods may also arrive by Star Track or with a smaller local carrier for regional areas.

Where do you deliver to?

Australia wide meaning the Australian mainland including Tasmania!

What if no one is home?

If you are not home at the time of delivery, the driver will leave you a card with a FedEx telephone number to call and organise an appropriate time. If this also fails you may be up for re-delivery charges if FedEx cannot deliver the goods to you successfully after a couple of attempts.

My Blinds are damaged, what do I do?

Please email a photo of the box and the blind to show the damage, along with the details of which blind is damaged. You have 18 days to claim transit damage, so please check even if you are not installing them straight away.


Where can I find instructions?

We have detailed Measuring instructions on our website including downloadable PDF’s to print and animated videos to watch on the ‘How to Measure’ page.

I need help Measuring?

Please call our friendly Customer Service team on 1300 836 382 (1300 VENETA) and they will steer you in the right direction… they will even step you through the process!


What do I need for Installation?

You'll need a cordless drill with a 2mm bit and a Philips bit, a knife to open the boxes, a pencil and a tape measure. You may also need a spirit level if there is no architrave.

Where can I find instructions?

Installation instructions are supplied with your blind and can be found in the box. Alternatively you can download and print the instructions or watch the animated video on the ‘How to Install’ web page.

I need help Installing?

Your best option is to contact us via the 'online live chat' located at the bottom right of your screen. Alternatively call our friendly Customer Service team on 1300 836 382 (1300 VENETA).


What is your Warranty?

For up to 5 years from the date of receipt Veneta Blinds we will repair, replace or refund your money if your product is defective. For instance if the blind fails to operate, has defects in the materials, workmanship, components, cords, internal mechanisms, is damaged on arrival or the colour is incorrect then you are entitled to invoke your warranty. Full details can be found here.

Product Satisfaction Guarantee?

If you are not completely satisfied with your products Veneta Blinds offer a Product Satisfaction Guarantee. We know you will love the new addition to your home and we are so certain of the quality of our blinds & curtains that we offer you this! Full details can be found here.

How do I make a claim?

Simply call our friendly Customer Service team on 1300 836 382 (1300 VENETA).

What are my legal rights?

More information can be found at the ACCC website - www.accc.gov.au

Personal Information

What does Veneta collect and what do you do with it?

The information we collect from you is for a specific purpose and that purpose only. Veneta Blinds guarantees you that we will never share your information with 3rd parties unless it is affiliated with Veneta Blinds or for the purpose of supplying your product to you. This may include companies such as FedEx for delivery and our factory to manufacture your blind. Our full Privacy Statement can be found here.