SmartGlide Vertical Honeycomb Blinds


The modern Vertical blind transforming Australian homes... Veneta's SmartGlide Vertical Honeycomb blind. An energy efficient fabric blind that is simple to use and easy on the eye. Transform your living space now with a cost effective solution to large openings in todays modern alfresco style home.

It has always been a challenge to find a covering solution for the common Australian glass sliding door. Gone are the days of cheap and nasty Verticals with broken beads and cords, an enherent child safety nightmare. Slide into the future with the Veneta super energy saving SmartGlide Vertical Honeycomb blind.

Sometimes referred to as a Cellular shades or Pleated blinds, the SmartGlide Vertical Honeycomb blind is the perfect solution for larger openings. See how easy they are to operate in this video.

Operating a Vertical Honeycomb Blind


  • Smooth easy glide system to open and close
  • Sheer, light filter and blockout fabrics
  • Exceptional insulation and sound absorbtion
  • Day & Night model available
  • Suitable for large openings up to 6 metres wide
  • Child safe with no exposed cords

Did you know? As much as 50% of your homes heating and cooling energy may be lost through your windows. Solar heat passes through windows in summer and indoor heating escapes through the windows in winter. Installing Veneta’s Honeycomb blinds in your home will significantly cut your heating and cooling energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint.


SmartGlide Vertical Models


Cell Designs

45 or 62mm Single Cell - Light Filter

A slimline profile and modern look is what you can expect from a single cell Honeycomb blind. Light Filter fabric offers privacy as well a great amount of light into the room.


45 or 62mm Single Cell - Blockout

Blockout single cell Honeycomb is a cost effective insulator with a slimline profile and is great for darkening bedrooms and media rooms.

Fabric Range


  • Choose from Light Filter, Blockout and Sheer(day) fabrics
  • Over 70 fabrics to choose from...
  • Ranging from gentle soft tones to designer patterns
  • All blockout fabrics come with an insulating foil lining
  • Fabrics are made of polyester

  • Light Filter fabrics offer a great amount of light into the room while maintaining privacy day and night. Blockout fabrics offer maximum light prevention and exceptional insulating properties, especially on a western facing wall. The picture below illustrates the variation in transparencies...



Sheer(day) Colours for Day&Night Blinds

Points to note:

  • Blockout has a room darkening effect which varies with certain conditions including fabric type, mounting method and does not make the room pitch black.
  • The 'Day' colour for Day&Night blinds is located at the Top of the blind by default, however you have the option to change this on the order page.
  • The reverse side (window side) of the fabric is 'Snow White' for Blockout fabrics and 'Snow Drift' for Light Filter fabrics.
  • Slight colour variations will occur between different monitors and screens and even printed brochures compared to the actual colour of the blind. If the accuracy of the colour is important to you, we recommend ordering a free colour sample to ensure you will be satisfied with your selection.
  • To order a free colour sample simply move your mouse over the colour you like and click 'Order Free Sample'. Then 'Checkout' by clicking 'Cart' located at the top right of every page and your samples will be posted out the same day or next business day.



Instruction Guides


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