5 Year Warranty

Veneta Blinds free extended 5 Year Warranty provides peace of mind when purchasing Veneta products. We guarantee to repair, replace or offer a refund if the product fails to operate or has defects in materials or workmanship.

Money Back Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with your products Veneta Blinds offer a 30 day Money Back Guarantee. We know you will love the new addition to your home and we are so certain of the quality of our blinds that we offer you this Money Back Guarantee!

Consumer Guarantee

Veneta Blinds come with guarantees that are bound by Australian Law. You are entitled to have the product repaired or replaced if it is deemed to be not of an acceptable quality. If the product has a major failure, you are entitled to a refund.

5 Year Warranty

Veneta Blinds offer a free extended 5 Year Warranty. We guarantee to repair, replace or offer a refund if the product fails to operate or has defects in materials or workmanship.

In the event you need to make a claim, simply contact our customer service team on 1800 836 382 (1300 VENETA) or send us an email.

Covered under Warranty

  • The original retail purchaser of the blind
  • Failure of blind to operate
  • Defects in materials and workmanship
  • Components, cords and brackets
  • All internal mechanisms
  • Supplied colour different to sample colour
  • Damage noted upon delivery

Not covered under Warranty

  • Normal wear and tear
  • Alterations or improper installations
  • Freight, removal and re-installation costs
  • Abuse, accidents and misuse
  • Over exposure to the elements
  • Natural minor fading over time
  • Improper cleaning and use of chemicals

The Fine Print

  • In no event will Veneta Blinds be liable or responsible for incidental or consequential damages or for any other indirect damage, loss or expense caused by our company or products.
  • If the replacement product has been discontinued or is no longer available, Veneta Blinds may replace the item with a like or similar product, fabric, part or component.
  • This warranty is offered to the original retail purchaser only. Proof of purchase is required to make a claim. The blind must be in the original window it was installed. For transit damage a photo of the blind and the box is required. Repair, replacement or refunds are at the discretion of Veneta Blinds.
  • This Warranty is offered by Veneta Blinds Pty Ltd, 13/14 Argyle St, Albion Qld 4010. Tel: 1300 836 382. E: admin@venetablinds.com.au.
  • Feel safe in the knowing you are dealing with a reputable Australian company who stands by its Warranty & Guarantees!

Money Back Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with your new Veneta Blinds call our customer service team within 30 days from receipt of goods on 1300 836 382 (1300 VENETA) and let us know the issue. To invoke the Money Back Guarantee; the blinds are required to have been installed in the correct window (photo required), a colour sample must have been ordered before the blinds and the blinds are to be returned to Veneta Blinds head office at the buyers expense. A maximum of 4 blinds can be claimed per household or order. Our goal is complete customer satisfaction and if you feel the blinds are not acceptable then we will gladly refund your money.

Consumer Guarantee

Under Australian Consumer Law, when you buy products and services they come with automatic guarantees that they will work and do what you asked for. For more information go to the ACCC website – www.accc.gov.au.

Australian Consumer Law has created the following guarantees for consumers who purchase goods:

  • The goods are of an acceptable quality.
  • The goods match their description or any sample or demonstration model.
  • The goods are fit for any purpose represented by the seller or made known by the consumer.
  • Additional promises made by the seller (oral or written) will be performed (eg money-back guarantees, lifetime warranties).
  • Repairs and spare parts are reasonably available (unless the seller gives written notice that repairs or spare parts are not available).
  • Ownership rights in the goods pass to the consumer who is entitled to undisturbed possession (subject to disclosure made by the seller).
  • For second-hand goods the guarantees are qualified in that age, price and condition are taken into account.
  • The Australian Consumer Law has created the following guarantees for consumers who purchase services:
  • The services are carried out with reasonable care and skill.
  • The services are fit for purpose.
  • The services will be completed within a reasonable time.

If you feel that we have not kept up our end of the bargain, please contact us to discuss on 1300 836 382 (1300 VENETA).

Child Safety

Veneta cares about your family's safety!

Loose blind cords and chains within reach of children can be fatal. By their very nature cords or chains used to operate blinds (and curtains) are very strong and if they become wrapped around a child's neck ''they will not break'' and can result in strangulation.

Veneta understands the importance of selling child safe blind products but it is important for all our customers to recognise the potential danger presented by loose blind cords and how to install...



Corporate Responsibility

Veneta Blinds supports important causes in our local communities. Not just in a financial way but as an active and interested party in current community events and as a representative for sustainability and fair trade practices. Veneta Blinds offers support in various ways to many charities. Click the 'Read More' button to see the list of charities and the way in which we support them.

The sustainability of our forests and ecology is very important to Veneta Blinds as we sell a large amount of timber products. Our timber is sourced from certified, sustainable and professionally managed forests and we want to encourage and support these ventures.



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