Blinds Darwin, NT

The construction of your dwelling and the local climate should be taken into consideration when making a window covering purchase. Your décor, colour scheme and personal preference will also ultimately help you make the right decision.

Co-ordinates - 20*S 133*E
Population - 243,700
Density - 0.17/km2
Established - 1825
Area - 1,420,970 km2
Time Zone - ACST (+9.5)

Blinds suited to Darwin and Northern Territory homes

The Northern Territory’s vast lands are so great and diverse that the climate changes dependant on which town you’re in. You can experience a tropical monsoonal climate at the northern end or experience the heat and wind or freezing cold of the desserts of central Australia. Within the typical dessert climate of Central Australia you can experience temperatures between 20⁰C - 35⁰C in the warmer months and during the cooler months an average maximum of 25⁰C which drops towards 0⁰C at night.

Housing in the Northern Territory varies depending on the area. In the top end near Darwin you will find elevated homes with louvered windows and ceiling fans to help encourage the breeze through the house to keep cool. Whereas towards the southern end closer to Alice Springs, the housing changes to a more of a traditional Australian style with ground level brick home with wide verandas in order to shade the home. Therefore insulation and the ability to keep homes cool is imperitive and the Honeycomb double cell blind would suit this type of home perfectly. Their cellular structure traps air within its pockets and acts as a barrier to block out heat, but also keep an ambient temperate inside when it’s colder outside. You could also use a Roman blind which comes with a lining to offer an excellent level of insulation. Alternatively consider a Timber Venetian blind, as within the timber slats there are small air pockets that act as an insulator.