Blinds Melbourne, VIC

The construction of your dwelling and the local climate should be taken into consideration when making a window covering purchase. Your décor, colour scheme and personal preference will also ultimately help you make the right decision.

Co-ordinates - 37*S 144*E
Population - 5.7 Million
Density - 24/km2
Established - 1851
Area - 237,000 km2
Time Zone - AEDT (+11)

Blinds suited to Melbourne and Victorian homes

Victoria the garden state is cooler and wetter than the other mainland states ranging from a semi-arid and hot in the north-west to often cool, wet and windy down along the coast. Melbourne, Australia’s second largest city enjoys warm summers, glorious springs, mild autumns and crisp winters. Victoria has more cooler days than hot days throughout the year, therefore winter comfort is more important when choosing a window covering.

Fabric blinds offer a great sense of warmth just by their very nature, look and feel. A roman blind with a Lining will increase the insulation properties of the blind and therefore your room. For ultimate insulation protection we recommend the Honeycomb double cell fabric blind available in many models and forms of operation. Versatility is the key for Victorian homes, preferably a blind than can be used in the raised position during the winter months and lowered for sun protection mode during the summer months. Whatever your preference you will find what you’re looking for with the Veneta range of quality blinds.

Child Safety

Veneta cares about your family's safety!

Loose blind cords and chains within reach of children can be fatal. By their very nature cords or chains used to operate blinds (and curtains) are very strong and if they become wrapped around a child's neck ''they will not break'' and can result in strangulation.

Veneta understands the importance of selling child safe blind products but it is important for all our customers to recognise the potential danger presented by loose blind cords and how to install...



Corporate Responsibility

Veneta Blinds supports important causes in our local communities. Not just in a financial way but as an active and interested party in current community events and as a representative for sustainability and fair trade practices. Veneta Blinds offers support in various ways to many charities. Click the 'Read More' button to see the list of charities and the way in which we support them.

The sustainability of our forests and ecology is very important to Veneta Blinds as we sell a large amount of timber products. Our timber is sourced from certified, sustainable and professionally managed forests and we want to encourage and support these ventures.



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