Blinds Perth, WA

The construction of your dwelling and the local climate should be taken into consideration when making a window covering purchase. Your décor, colour scheme and personal preference will also ultimately help you make the right decision.

Co-ordinates - 31*S 115*E
Population - 2.5 Million
Density - 1/km2
Established - 1829
Area - 2,600,000 km2
Time Zone - AWST (+8)

Blinds suited to Perth and Western Australian homes:

Western Australia is famous for its long days of sunshine, blue skies and brilliant beaches. Having more hot days than cold, Perth has the perfect Australian warm climate. This perfect climate requires equally perfect window coverings to keep your energy costs down and ensure a comfortable living space.

Western Australia is well known for the quality of housing constructions with the vast majority of homes being double brick dwellings. This type of building is excellent for insulation however the area of window space is the weakest link. To ensure you are not wasting the benefits of your double brick home make sure you install energy efficient blinds. Energy efficient blinds can save a household up to 50% of the energy costs.

Veneta’s first choice for insulation is the Honeycomb double cell blind which not only offers exceptional insulative properties but also offers a clear view when in the raised position and can block out the harsh sun light when in the closed position, thus keeping your energy costs down.