Blinds Hobart, TAS

The construction of your dwelling and the local climate should be taken into consideration when making a window covering purchase. Your décor, colour scheme and personal preference will also ultimately help you make the right decision.

Co-ordinates - 42*S 147*E
Population - 500,000
Density - 7.2/km2
Established - 1825
Area - 90,000 km2
Time Zone - AEDT (+11)

Blinds suited to Hobart and Tasmanian homes

Tasmania experiences more cooler days than hot days throughout the year and therefore the insulating properties of your window covering should be at the forefront of your thinking when making a purchase. Rainfall varies quite dramatically between different areas of Tasmania and at different times of the year or decade. Moisture can inherently be a concern in some areas. Tasmanians are quite a custom to thicker warm textured fabric blinds offering protection from the cold in the winter months. Tasmanian homes range from era’s past to modern double brick constructions with the majority of dwellings being made of brick.

Highly recommended is our Honeyhomb range of versatile fabric blinds. The Honeycomb double cell fabric has the best insulation properties of any blind on the market due to its unique cellular structure. Roman blinds come with a Lining offering excellent insulation and also add a level of sophistication to any room. You cannot go wrong with a Timber Venetian blind as they have always been a great all-rounder suiting most rooms and décor. You will be surprised at the insulation benefits offered by a real wood Venetian blind.