PVC Venetian Blinds

A very versatile and durable blind that is affordable and sometimes referred to as an Eco wood or Timber Look Venetian blind. There are many possible variations of the make up of a PVC Venetian Blind. The formula used provides different levels of durability, longevity, stability and heat deflection temperatures; indicating the insulation properties and their ability to withstand the harsh Australian sun.

Veneta's PVC Venetians are supplied complimentary with our patent privacy slats - for better closure and more privacy, our patent cord lock - for easier operation of the blind, and our water resistant slats - making this blind perfect for any area of the home. We offer a range of paint colours and woodgrain finishes in the most popular colours this season.

PVC Venetians are one of the most versatile blinds with full control over your view, light and air flow. Privacy is easily attained through tilting the slats to the desired position. All Veneta's blinds come with child and pet safe features. Venetians are easy to clean with a vacuum and damp cloth and provide dust mite and allergen protection.

Smart Privacy Slats

'Smart Privacy' slats are the new contemporary styling for Venetians. The patented 'Smart Privacy' slats offer a snug closure with no slots securing your privacy and reducing light leakage. 'Smart Privacy' was awarded the 'Best Innovation Award' by the WCMA (USA) in 2011. Veneta's range of Venetian blinds come standard with this award winnning innovation at no extra cost.

Water Resistant Slats

The durable and sealed PVC coating offers excellent water resistance and is suitable for all areas including your bathroom, laundry and kitchen. Not only water, these PVC Venetian blinds are resistant to dents, scratches, twisting, warping and fading, and perefect for a busy family home.

Elite Cord Lock System

Our Patented 'Elite' cord lock system ensures smooth and easy operation of the blind. Lighten the load and no jamming of the cords is what you can expect from this quality innovation. Simply pull the cord towards the middle of the blind to release and to the side of the blind to lock into place.

PVC Venetian Blinds Online

Buying PVC venetian blinds online is now simpler than ever before. With Veneta Blinds 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, you can now comfortably buy your PVC venetian blinds online without any worry. Simply order free PVC venetian blind colour samples, choose your customisations and input your measurements for an instant quote. Once you are happy with your chosen colour and customisations, simply place your order online!

PVC Venetian Blinds: Durable and Affordable

PVC venetian blinds are a great solution for wet areas in the home such as the bathroom, laundry and kitchen. Not only are the PVC venetian blind slats water resistant, they are also very durable preventing scratches, dents, warping and fading. Veneta Blinds PVC Venetians also come with our patented ‘Smart Privacy’ slats which help to reduce light leakage and increase privacy in the home. PVC blinds are an affordable solution for busy families and will last you for many years to come.

Custom Made PVC Venetian Blinds

Custom made PVC venetian blinds are also known as timber look venetian blinds. With their contemporary style and longevity properties, custom made PVC venetian blinds are a versatile option for any home. Choose from our essentials or premium range and select from our paint or stain colour options. With a wide range of options available, there is a custom made PVC venetian blind solution for every household.

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