Timber Venetian Blinds

Timber Venetian blinds not only provide design, privacy and light control, they also add value to a home. Like any home investment, blinds of exceptional quality will provide long term value and appreciation.

Timber is the classic choice for venetian blinds given its natural beauty, stability, lightness and infinite finishing options. Veneta timber blinds are crafted from Phoenixwood; a stable lightweight plantation timber which has been used for generations to make high quality furniture and musical instruments.

When you order your timber venetians from Veneta they are made from scratch like all quality bespoke products and we control every step in the process from preparing the timber, fabricating all the components in house to carefully applying the final finish on the slats.

All Veneta corded timber venetian blinds feature the very special proprietary Privacywood slats which creates a clean crisp elegant style, enhances the blinds closure and offers the ultimate in privacy.

Veneta timber venetians are available in 2 ranges; Premium or Essentials. The Essentials range have a decorative headrail and 50mm slats. The Premium range comes with a timber valance, a choice of 50mm or the wider 63mm slat, and have the option of a designer ladder tape. Both models are available in either solid paint or stain colours that are designed to suit any décor.


Premium Timber Venetian

Essentials Timber Venetian


  • Hand crafted using lightweight Phoenixwood which reveals the timber’s authentic character and texture
  • Industry leading and patented 'Smart Privacy' designed slats included as standard ensuring tight closure and no light leakage
  • Child safe features including child safety cleat and breakaway tassel
  • Timber is a natural insulator helping you save on your power bills
  • Provides the ultimate control over privacy, view, light and ventilation
  • Contemporary matching timber valance is included (premium only)
  • Upgrade to ladder tape for a designer look and feel (premium only)
  • Patented 'Elite' cord lock system makes for an easy to operate blind

Did you know? Being made from a natural product the timber slats will show some inherent variation in appearance and may experience some movement in response to changes in ambient moisture.

Safety Tip! Please ensure the hold down brackets and child safety cleats are installed securely to make your blinds child safe.


Smart Privacy Slats

'Smart Privacy' slats, the new contemporary styling for timber venetians. Patented 'Smart Privacy' slats offer snug closure with no slots securing your privacy and reducing light leakage. 'Smart Privacy' was awarded the 'Best Innovation Award' by the WCMA (USA) in 2011. Veneta's range of Timber Venetians come standard with this award winnning innovation.




Elite Cord Lock System

Our Patented 'Elite' cord lock system ensures smooth and easy operation of the blind. Lighten the load with no jamming of the cord is what you can expect from this quality innovation.



Child Safety - Breakaway Tassel

The Breakaway Tassel is designed so that if a child gets caught in between the multiple cords the tassel instantly breaks apart removing the threat of strangulation.



Ladder Cord or Ladder Tape (premium only)

Upgrade your standard Ladder Cord to a designer look by choosing a Ladder Tape as your Ladder system. The Designer Ladder Tape is colour co-ordinated to your blind colour and is displayed in the photos on the order page. Slotted slats are supplied with the Designer Tape Venetian blinds without compromising your privacy due to the thickness of the tape.


Sustainable Plantation Timber

The Phoenixwood tree, also known as Paulownia or Kiri tree, is one of the world’s fastest growing tree species. Sawn timber can be harvested in less than 10 years, and after harvesting a new tree can grow from the original stump (coppice growth), using the old and well established root system. This procedure can be repeated several times, saving post-harvest clearing, land erosion and the resultant runoff and river salinity. Our Phoenixwood is sourced from professionally managed, accredited and sustainable forestry’s ensuring the longevity of the natural forestation process in line with international standards.



Timber Stability - Kiln Drying Process

After 40 years in the industry, our factory is proud of its achievements including a world leading Kiln drying process, which incoporates the products destination in the mix as to the drying conditions required for the timber. This industry leading technique ensures the timber is more durable and lasts longer in the harsh Australian climatic conditions. This also allows for the slat thickness to be kept to a minimum to reduce the load of lifting the blind, so you will notice the ease of operation when using our thin and light weight slats. The Veneta 5 year warranty re-enforces our quality guarantee and offers piece of mind when purchasing a Veneta Blind.

Colour Range

Veneta Blinds offer you an appealing variation of popular finishes to suit any home or décor. Available to see for yourself via our free sample service is a mix of timber stains and solid paint colours.

A smooth vibrant painted finish is created by utilising modern manufacturing technics along with multiple sanding’s and multiple fine coats of paint. For a natural look and feel we recommend the wood stain finishes. The stain finish highlights the rich beauty of the unique wood grain texture showing off the natural elements of the wood. Click here to see our full range of colours.

Points to note:

  • All hardware is colour co-ordinated to ensure a consistent look to your venetian blinds.
  • Due to the natural characteristics of timber, there may be slight variations in texture, grain and colour, which is considered normal behaviour.
  • Colour variations will occur between different monitors and screens and even printed brochures compared to the actual colour of the product. If the accuracy of the colour is important to you, we recommend ordering a free colour sample to ensure you will be satisfied with your selection.
  • To order a free colour sample simply move your mouse over the colour you like and click 'Order Free Sample'. Then 'Checkout' by clicking 'Cart' located at the top right of every page and your samples will be posted out the same day or next business day.

Instruction Guides


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How to install a Timber Venetian Blind (outside)

How to install a Timber Venetian Blind (outside)

How to Install a Timber Venetian Blind (Inside)

How to install a Timber Venetian Blind (inside)