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Are you looking for Blockout Blinds? Veneta Blinds offers excellent custom made Blockout Blinds to suit your needs!

Blockout Blinds primary use is to ensure minimal light in a room, whether this is to darken a bedroom for sleeping or maybe you have young children who take naps during the day. Blockout Blinds are useful to increase your viewing experience by minimising glare on your screen when watching TV or movies. See our most suitable and popular Blockout Blinds below.



         Roller Blinds

Roller Blockout Blinds


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Honeycomb Blockout Blinds


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Roman Blockout Blinds


10 reasons to buy blinds online

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Blockout Blinds Online

Veneta Blinds offers a unique DIY online approach to save you, the consumer, a lot of money. We believe that everybody in Australia should be able to enjoy the benefits of custom made Blockout Blinds. We know that not everybody is comfortable buying Blackout Blinds online. That’s why Veneta Blinds offers a Measure Insurance where you can get a free replacement blind if a mistake is made with the measurements.

Veneta can also send out free colour samples so you can easily compare the colours yourself. Computer screens can often have slight variations in colour, so that’s why we recommend ordering colour samples so you can make the best decision.

Custom Made Blockout Blinds

All the blinds you buy at Veneta are 100% custom made. Based on your measurements, we will custom make the blinds so they fit perfectly into your windows. The Blockout Blinds are made of the best materials and will keep daylight out as much as possible. This ensures a much better blind experience, which you will fall in love with.

Veneta Blinds delivers directly from the factory, which saves a lot of costs on expensive warehouses, middlemen and showrooms. Our online approach can save you up to 70% on custom Blockout Blinds. So, you can enjoy perfect custom made Blockout Blinds for a price that suits your needs.

Blockout Roller Blinds

A very popular choice these days are Blockout Roller Blinds. These blinds offer easy control over privacy and can reduce the amount of light that comes through. Therefore, Blockout Roller Blinds are well suited for bedrooms and media rooms. Our Blockout Roller Blinds are proudly Australian made with the highest quality materials.

Besides the Blockout Roller Blinds, Veneta also offers Honeycomb Blinds and Roman Blinds with a Blockout transparency and fabric. With our custom made blinds we offer you a wide range of colours and product options to choose from. You always have the option to order free samples to compare multiple colours and fabrics. This way you can make the best decision for your own situation.


Premium Quality | Value for Money | Friendly Service

At Veneta, we strive to ensure you receive the best value for money when it comes to buying custom-made blinds online in Australia. We’ve cut out the middlemen, we’ve partnered with a world leading blind manufacturer, opened our shop online 24 hours a day 7 days a week, computerised our systems and we deliver your blinds fast and direct to your door. We offer a money back guarantee for your peace of mind and provide premium support from our friendly staff.


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