Blinds Adelaide, SA

The construction of your dwelling and the local climate should be taken into consideration when making a window covering purchase. Your décor, colour scheme and personal preference will also ultimately help you make the right decision.

Co-ordinates - 34*S 138*E
Population - 1.6 Million
Density - 1.6/km2
Established - 1836
Area - 1,043,000 km2
Time Zone - AEST (+9.5)

Blinds suited to Adelaide and South Australian homes:

South Australia originates as a freely settled and planned British province way back in the early 1800’s. Due to a lack of timber in the local areas the vast majority of homes were made of brick and stone in the earlier days including red brick after the world wars and cream brick in the 70’s. These brick homes more often than not are double brick offering excellent insulation to the occupants. Windows are always the weakest link with this type of construction and to ensure the excellent choice of construction is not wasted we highly recommend an insulating blind like the Honeycomb double cell fabric blind.

In more recent times timber and timber veneer homes have taken over as the most cost effective choice. A versatile venetian blind will always compliment a timber veneer home due to construction and size of the timber window frames. Similar to the Mediterranean, South Australia offers mild winters and hot dry summers, classed as arid or semi-arid. The most popular approach to deal with these hot dry summers are the use of evaporative cooling systems to help keep living conditions at their best. A Roman blind with lining is an excellent choice offering great insulative properties along with a warm designer look offering a sophisticated feel to any room.