Motorised Blinds

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Enjoy the convenience of controlling your blinds with the touch of a button. Remote Controlled blinds offer a new level of elegance in designer custom made window fashions. All motorised blinds come with a programmable remote which can control multiple blinds. 


Motorised Honeycomb Blinds           Motorised Roller Blinds

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Motorised Roller Blinds

At Veneta Blinds we offer two powered blinds collections; Motorised Honeycomb Blinds and Motorised Roller Blinds. For our Roller Blinds, you can choose from many different colours. This way you can customize our Motorised Blinds to fit your style and interior. The Motorised Roller Blinds also give you the option to choose between battery and hardwired for the power supply.

The motorised functionality is especially useful for difficult to reach windows. With one press of a button, you can easily lower or raise your Motorised Roller Blinds (even multiple blinds at once). This will make your experience with our Roller Blinds as comfortable as possible.

Motorised Blinds Cost

Motorised Blinds can become quite expensive. At Veneta Blinds we understand the benefits and comfort from powered blinds. That’s why we deliver all Motorised Blinds directly from our factory. We operate purely online to save costs on showrooms and expensive middleman. This way you can enjoy value for money with our custom made motorised collection.

What exactly is the cost of Motorised Blinds? Our Motorised Honeycomb Blinds are available from $277, where our Motorised Roller Blinds are available from $475. These custom made blinds will be perfectly finished to the width and height of your window. With our Measure Insurance, we’ve got you covered for measurement mistakes. We believe in 100% satisfaction, that’s why you can get your money back when you are not completely happy with your blinds.