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For the width entered, the blind will be supplied as 2 blinds joined in the centre.

Australians are facing an Energy Crisis!

The ACCC Report into the National Electricity Market (Oct 16, 2017) recognised “that price increases over the past 10 years are putting Australian businesses and consumers under unacceptable pressure”. ACCC Chairman Rod Sims said...

“Residential electricity prices have increased by 63% on top of inflation since 2007-08.”

So, while the politicians play the blame game and duck for cover over the energy crisis, how can Veneta Blinds help you reduce your energy costs?


Honeycomb Blinds are made with a unique cellular structured fabric that traps air within their cells to create layers of insulation (similar principle to double glazed windows).

Veneta Honeycomb Blinds will protect your home against heat loss in winter and unwanted solar heat gain in the hot summer months, creating a comfortable indoor living environment all year round and reducing reliance on heating and cooling appliances. This diagram shows how Honeycomb Blinds trap air within the cells, preventing unwanted warm or cool air.

Honeycomb Blinds will significantly reduce your annual home heating and cooling energy costs and lessen your carbon footprint by reducing your energy consumption. Honeycomb Blinds with a blockout fabric are the most energy efficient product in the Veneta range.

This diagram shows how Veneta’s Honeycomb Blinds work to keep your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer. In the winter months, the blind keeps warm air in and cool air out and in the summer months blocks heat from entering the home and keeps cool are inside.

It is important to understand the appliances that keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter generally use the most electricity in your home or office (on average 40% of your total energy usage).

As well as appliances, heat transfer through windows and glass doors contribute to a high level of energy loss, severely reducing the effectiveness of heating and cooling your home or office. The impact on your comfort and costs can be considerable, for example:

  • In winter, up to 40% of your home's heating energy can leak out through your windows      
  • In summer, up to 87% of heat gain can be caused through uncovered glass windows and doors
  • In the summer month's, heat gain through an uncovered window can be 100 times greater than an uncovered insulated wall in the same location

The above statistics provided by the Australian Government Department of Environment and Energy, show why it is important to take appropriate measures to insulate your windows and glass doors to reduce rising energy costs. Choosing suitable window coverings that will help to protect your home all your round, can help you save up to 34% on your energy bills. 


Veneta Honeycomb Blinds – Contemporary Style, Energy Saving and Very Versatile

Saving energy is a very HOT topic with the cost of electricity to homes in Australia increasing by a massive 63% on top of inflation since 2008. Veneta Honeycomb blinds can help reduce your electricity bill by keeping your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter. They feature a smart cellular design which incorporates an airlock providing excellent insulation for all your windows. Plus, they dampen unwanted noise from bustling streetscapes and hectic family lifestyles.

Veneta’s extensive honeycomb blind collection offers home owners our newest and most versatile window covering solution. With almost 200 fabric options and a selection of 12 unique models we have all your windows covered.

Available in a range of sheer, light filtering and blockout fabrics, honeycomb blinds offer home owners maximum light control for any room and retreat into a petite stack when fully raised. Given their lightweight and robust design Veneta honeycomb blinds are suited to windows of all sizes, are quick and easy to install and a breeze to open and close.


  • Top Down and Bottom Up functionality
  • Smooth and light operation
  • Simply lower or raise and stop at any position
  • Child and pet safe
  • Single & double cell fabric
  • Small stack and clear view when open
  • Unique honeycomb structure keeps your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter

Did you know? As much as 50% of your homes heating and cooling energy may be lost through your windows. Solar heat passes through windows in summer and indoor heating escapes through the windows in winter. Installing Veneta’s Honeycomb blinds in your home will significantly cut your heating and cooling energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint.

We thank all our customers who have kindly shared their experience through these review websites to help our future customers understand what they can expect when shopping with Veneta Blinds. Click on the icons below to see what our customers are saying about Veneta Blinds or to leave a review yourself.

I am so happy with the quality of the blinds

 5 out of 5 - reviewed on Sep 05, 2016

I originally purchased 2 large honeycomb blinds for 2 large two panel doors as a test of quality of the product. These turned out to be excellent and we have now ordered 11 for all the windows upstairs (all double honeycomb) and a combination of top-down/bottom-up as well as day/night. 3 bathroom blinds were Smart-fit. I am so happy with the quality of the blinds that I have now ordered 13 more to replace ageing shutter blinds for all the windows downstairs.

A couple of observations for the blinds I have installed so far.

1) If you install inside a wood frame (as all mine were) you will need to use a drill 3.0mm or larger. The recommendation is for a 2.0mm drill but in hard wood it is very hard work getting the screws in. I would recommend drilling with a 2.5mm drill first and then enlarge with a 3.0 if the wood is hard.

2) The day/night blinds are actually great. I optioned ours (in all the bedrooms) with the day panel bellow the dark night panel. That seems to be the better way however, doing it the other way round will allow you to have the day panel drawn down half way for reasonable light but also maintains some privacy as the day panel is more see-through than the light filter material.

3) For the top-down/bottom-up (and bottom-up only) blinds it would be nice to have the option of some magnets that you can screw on the lower frame so the blind doesn't move with any breeze outside or even movement in the room.

4) The Smart-fit is a great idea (and solves the issue with point 3 as it has built in magnets) but the mechanism of the blind is somewhat more stiff than the blinds not fixed at the bottom and for more elderly customers it might be hard to raise or lower the blind. I worry the plastic clip used to raise the blind might snap off - which of course it won't). This type of blind would be ideal for bathrooms where you want light but are not likely to raise/lower the blinds often.

5) The light filter blind allows a lot of light in but you cannot see though it so privacy is well protected. It saves having to raise the blind in the morning.

6) Quality seems to be excellent and robust but I have only had them for a few weeks so it will be interesting to see what they are like in a few years.


Thats about it. Great blinds and I can't wait for the new order of 13 to arrive.

Thank you Veneta Blinds.


We love our new blinds from Veneta

5 out of 5 - reviewed on Jun 30, 2016

We have had our new blinds for a few weeks now - and we love them. We purchased Cordless Honeycomb Top Down Bottom Up blinds for our bedroom and they look amazing. Everyone who sees them comments on how great they look. The ordering process was very easy, the blinds were delivered even earlier than we expected and they were very easy to install. The staff at Veneta kept us informed - even calling when we had a query around colours and to follow up after delivery. Before ordering, we received quotes from other suppliers - and we found that Veneta was by far the best value, sometimes less than half what others quoted, but still top quality. We certainly recommend Veneta Blinds.


Great quality and easy installation

5 out of 5 - reviewed on Jun 03, 2016

we found Veneta blinds online with other online blind manufacturers. What made Veneta stand out was their warranty and customer service. From the moment I ordered the honeycomb top down bottom up blinds, I had contact with the company and all questions were answered. The blinds arrived quickly, well packaged. Installation was a breeze and they work perfectly. If unsure of what you want, call them and they will guide you through the process. If only they made blinds to 3000 drop, I would have ordered more. Great blinds, great quality and easy to install.

Brenda L

Excellent service and quality

5 out of 5 - reviewed on Jan 09, 2016

I ordered the double cell honeycomb blinds and service, delivery and quality have been great. Extremely happy because I thought I was going to have to order from America as I couldn't find anyone in Australia that could make the narrow blinds I needed and then I found Veneta. Many thanks for a pleasant experience. Have already recommended to some friends and if I need other blinds, I will shop here again.


Customer service still exists!

5 out of 5 - reviewed on Dec 12, 2015

Recently purchased 3 honeycomb top down/bottom up blinds in blackout fabric for our bedrooms. The service from staff through both online chat and over phone was always extremely courteous and helpful. Impressed with the quality of the blinds and how easy they were to install. Blinds fitted perfectly, the level of light reduction is fantastic and the versatility of the blind system is great. Can not fault the service or product we have received. Will definitely be using Veneta Blinds again in the future.


The value is excellent, and the delivery and service was outstanding

5 out of 5 - reviewed Jul 28, 2015

The quality is good. Perfect fit, easy to install and the double cell honeycombs look great and are effective insulation against the cold. My first order was for blinds for a corner window. I was so pleased I ordered more for the rest of the house. I have a mix of corded and cordless, internal and external mounts and all work perfectly. I'm particularly impressed with the top down blinds, and they were the easiest to fit. The value is excellent, and the delivery and service was outstanding. A system glitch meant two blinds of the wrong colour were delivered, but they responded promptly, acknowledged the problem, and within two weeks of notifying them I had the replacements, with no fuss or cost to me. I'd happily recommend them.



  • Over 80 fabrics to choose from...
  • Ranging from gentle soft tones to designer patterns
  • Fabrics are made of polyester
  • The blockout fabrics have a foil lining for insulation
  • Cells are designed to bounce back into shape
  • Transparencies include Light Filter, Blockout and Sheer(day) fabric. Light Filter fabrics offer a great amount of light into the room while maintaining privacy day and night. Blockout fabrics offer maximum light prevention and exceptional insulating properties. The picture below illustrates the variation in transparencies...


Points to note:

  • Blockout fabric has a room darkening effect which varies with certain conditions including fabric type, mounting method and does not make the room pitch black.
  • The reverse side (window side) of the fabric is 'Snow White' for Blockout fabrics and 'Snow Drift' for Light Filter fabrics.
  • Slight colour variations will occur between different monitors and screens and even printed brochures compared to the actual colour of the blind. If the accuracy of the colour is important to you, we recommend ordering a free colour sample to ensure you will be satisfied with your selection.
  • To order a free colour sample simply move your mouse over the colour you like and click 'Order Free Sample'. Then 'Checkout' by clicking 'Cart' located at the top right of every page and your samples will be posted out the same day or next business day.
Model Cordless Top Down Bottom Up (TDBU)
Controls Handles on top and bottom rails (cordless)
Cell Designs Single Cell (25 or 45mm) and Double Cell (38mm)
Fabrics 81
Fabric Composition Polyester
Rail Material Aluminium
Hold Down Clips No
Width 380 to 2500mm
Height 250 to 2200mm
Maximum Size 5.5 m2
Depth Required (all cell designs) 57mm
Manufacturing Tolerance - Width +/- 3mm
Manufacturing Tolerance - Height + 13mm - +153mm
Width Deductions we take 6mm
Height Deductions we take 0mm


Points to note:

  • 'Depth Required' is the clearance required from the front to the back of your window frame for uninterupted operation of the blind. Please also take into account any window handles or other obstructions that may interfere with the blind.
  • For blinds installed on the inside of the window frame, please provide the inside window frame size. The factory will take the relevant deductions to ensure the blind fits nicely into your window frame.
  • For blinds installed on the outside of the window frame, please provide the exact measurements you would like the blind to be manufactured to.

Honeycomb Cordless TDBU Installation Instructions