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Published : 2019-01-11 09:34:06
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The holidays can be a busy time of year and it can be easy for those jobs you had on your "to-do list" to get pushed aside. Whilst the holidays may be over, it is never too late to start tackling the list of projects you had to complete and start the new year with a freshen up of your house. If you're not sure where to start, below are some easy ways you can update your home and the home decor trends you will see throughout 2019.


The first place to start is by decluttering your home. Taking the time to declutter each room, once a year, can be a great way to keep on top of all those items around the house that build up over time. It’s also a great idea after you have removed the clutter from your home, to take the time to organise your remaining items. By decluttering and organising your home, you will have a clean slate to see where you need and want to make changes. 


If you are looking to give your home an easy makeover, then painting is one of the simplest ways to transform a space. Whether it be just updating your walls with a fresh white or adding a feature wall to a space, paint can truly make a huge impact. Before you get started, it’s good to understand the power of colour in décor, as this can completely change not only the look, but also the feel of a space. The Pantone Colour of the Year is Living Coral. This could be a great feature wall colour, especially when paired with crisp whites.

To keep costs low, prepare and paint the space yourself. This may be a bit more time consuming however can be an easy way to save money for other updates around your home.

Window Coverings

Another way to easily transform your space is by updating window coverings. By investing in quality window coverings that offer the benefits of privacy, light and airflow control, as well as insulation, you can not only change the look of your space but also help to improve the value of your home. If updating window coverings is on the cards but you also want to save money, try DIY custom made window coverings. By measuring and installing the blinds or curtains yourself and shopping online, you can save up to 70%. It’s a great way to update your home and still have money left over for those other updates.

Décor Accessories

If you are wanting to update your home décor, then the new year is a great time for a refresh. If changing your big ticket items, such as your couch, aren’t in the budget this year, start small by changing your accessories. By simply changing the accessories in a space, you can create a completely different look and feel. If you are updating your living room, change out your cushions and throw rugs, update lamps/lighting and update your coffee table accessories. If you have some budget left over, try adding or changing your floor rug and updating artwork. These two things can completely change the atmosphere of a living room. Combine these few changes with a fresh coat of paint and your space will feel brand new.


Just as important as the inside, the outside of your home is another place to tackle at the start of a new year. Just the same as decluttering the inside, take the time to do the gardening such as mowing the grass, pruning the trees, weeding and just a general yard tidy up. This will get you a blank slate to start with and help to determine where you want to make changes and updates. Some simple updates to the outside of your home could include staining your deck, planting new flowers and trees, paint touch ups, pressure wash your driveway and house.

With these simple new year updates, you can transform your home and create a fresh look for 2019.

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